Rainbow Six Extraction Tips

Rainbow Six Extraction is the latest entry in Tom Clancy’s series and this game is all about working together with your teammates to take down Archaeans aliens. You will be working with 2 other teammates and will have to collaborate to have the best chance of escaping alive from the aliens. We’ll be showing you a few Rainbow Six Extraction Tips that can keep you alive.

Rainbow Six Extraction Tips

This game is all about teamwork. And if you remember playing through Outbreak mode and fighting zombies back in the good old Siege days, then you know how tough things can get.

Tight coordination and game knowledge are how you can master your way through the aliens! Check out these Rainbow Six Extraction Tips below to find out more.

Operator Choice is Key

In Rainbow Six Extraction, there are several different operators for you to choose from. Just like in Rainbow Six Siege, the operators in R6 Extraction have specific abilities which provide different advantages in different situations.

Right now, there are 18 Operators in R6 Extraction for you to choose from, so make sure that all team members choose operators which complement each other.

Stay Stealthy

In Rainbow Six Extraction, your aim is to complete the main objective in the given time frame. The best way to do that is to navigate to the objective location as quietly and stealthily as possible and then complete the task at hand.

Avoiding skirmishes with the Archaeans helps you save time and prevent yourself from taking unnecessary damage.

Destroy the Sprawl

As you are going up against Aliens, there is a lot of strange stuff you will have to deal with. One of them is Sprawl, which is a black goo that is present all around the different places on the map.

Make sure you destroy all the sprawl that you see as it will slow you down when walking through it.

Deal with Nests as Soon as Possible

Another entity that exists in the world of R6 Extraction is Nests. These luminous spores are the source of nearly all of the zone’s sub-Archaeans.

At the start of a stage, all of these nests will be inactive. The best way to deal with them is to go to the nest’s starting point as quietly as possible and then attack and destroy it before it can spawn more aliens.

Suppressor on Guns

If the operator you choose has a silencer available for their weapon, equipping it will provide many advantages.

Having a suppressor will make it easier to deal with sprawl and other enemies without alerting other enemies and activating the nests. Stealth is key in R6 Extraction and silencers help out quite a bit.

Use the Smoke Grenades

In R6 Extraction, the smoke grenade is a really useful utility item. It can be used to blind Archaean aliens as well as block the line of sight of them when surrounded by them. All in all, the smoke grenade is a really useful all-rounder utility.

Use the Environment to Sneak

The best way to reach your objective point is to use the environment and map to your advantage. You can use the different map items to your advantage.

Just like in R6 Siege, you can make holes in thin walls and barricades, fortify doors and so much more. You can be as creative as you want in making your way through the environment.

Communication is Vital

Being a PvE game, R6 Extraction requires a great amount of teamwork, communication, and collaboration in order to get through the challenges of the game.

Make sure that you have a working microphone so you can relay information as quickly as possible to your teammates in crucial moments of the game.

Level Up by Completing Studies

In Rainbow Six Extraction, you can level up your operators by completing studies. Studies are in-game challenges that are customized for each map.

Each map offers numerous pages of challenges, with three Studies on each page. You must complete an active page before moving on to the next map’s page, and so on until you have completed all of them.

Use Ping Feature

Pinging is very useful in Rainbow Six Extraction as you can use it to mark items, locations, and enemies. Holding the ping button will also allow you to use the communication wheel as well.

Plan before Attack

In PvE games, it is vital to have some kind of strategy or plan before attacking the enemy. And this holds true for R6 Extraction as well. Before engaging with the enemy, make sure that you do your homework on the enemies and the area you are fighting in, and then plan your attack according to it.

Destroy Archaean Tree Roots

If your operator gets downed in a zone, it will get claimed by the Archaean tree. You will have some chances to save them from the tree.

One person should work on pulling them out of the tree while the other two players should focus on destroying nodes moving from the tree’s roots. The best way to rescue is to destroy the roots and completely destroy the tree.

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