In Rage 2 You Can Drive Any Type Of Vehicle, Even Gyrocopter

Well, you already must be aware that E3 2018 is just a few days away and Rage 2 fans are all hyped up about the game. For Bethesda, there would not be a perfect time to tease information about Rage 2. Yes, that is correct, a detail has been revealed which specifically centers around the types of vehicles, players will be able to drive in the game.

On the official Rage Twitter Account, a post was made, with an official description of the game on the kind of vehicles players can drive, turns out they can drive any type of vehicles they want to in Rage 2. The post specifically said,”If you can see it, you can drive it “, which pretty much points to the endless possibility of driving any available vehicle that is present in the game.

Now along with the Tweet, a “gif” image has also been posted, that gives out some visuals regarding the world and the vehicles. Apparently, it has poured in a lot of hype for the Gyrocopter, as in the image we can see that player is driving Gyrocopter. So what all of this basically points out is that we will be able to ride not only monster trucks but buggies and above all Gyrocopters. Players can prepare themselves for the madness because that is one thing this game will not be lacking.

With all that said, just a while back we heard the news of Nordisk Film acquiring Avalanche Studios, which got most of the fans worried about the game. A lot of concerns arose on what might happen to the game since Nordisk Film will now be running the steering wheel. Well, some assurances were given but as you know that fans don’t settle for assurances.

Now with this new detail reveal just before E3 2018, it seems like Rage 2 is going to be great. Let’s see what they have in store for us at the event.

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