Rage 2 Ark Locations Guide – Ark Chests, Best Weapons and Abilities

Rage 2 Ark Locations Guide will help you find each and every Ark Chest in the game that contains some of the best weapons and Nanotrite Abilities.

In this Rage 2 Ark Locations Guide, you’ll learn about the locations of all the Ark Chests, their appearance, importance, and what they contain. It’s a good idea to start finding these Rage 2 Chests at the earliest because these contain some of the *best weapons* and *Nanotrite Abilities* in the game.

Ark Chests are special white chests like boxes. They’re hard to find, however, they contain the most sophisticated equipment of Rage 2. The items available in these Ark Chests are rare and cannot be found elsewhere.

Rage 2 Ark Locations

Therefore, opening the Ark Chests can increase your survival chances. They can be anywhere and you can always consult the world map to locate one. The best locations are usually areas saturated with enemy presence.

After eliminating enemies, search for an Ark Chest in the same enemy hideout. Items available not only boost your firepower but also increase your overall abilities.

The game contains a total of 13 Ark Chests. These chests are spread across the huge world of the game and are very hard to find. Out of these 13 chests, 12 are optional while one you’ll open during a quest/mission.

You can straight away find and open chests which are the easiest to access the loot without fighting a large number of enemies. These initial chest hunts will provide you with some of the best weapons and abilities in Rage 2. The following are the locations of all Ark Chests in the game.


Quake Hill Ark
This will be the very first of Arks that you’ll find. Go towards the northeast of Vineland, in the hilly area, eliminate the enemies and open the chest. It should be an easy Ark Chest find.

Junkers Pass ArkLevel 2
This Ark Chest is located at the center of the map. Go towards the north of Gunbarrel and it should be located on top of the entrance on the left side.

Great Crack ArkLevel 3
This one can be found at the center of the map. Towards the south of Gunbarrel, the Ark can be found beside the Wastelands.

Gunbarrel ArkLevel 3
This Ark is located near the Junkers Pass Ark. To be more precise, it’s located at the cliffside, north towards the Broken Tact.

Earthscar ArkLevel 3
This Ark Chest is located very near to the previous one in Torn Plains, south of the map ending border. To be more precise, this one’s located at a tiny mountain, having a few destroyed structures.

Strongbox ArkLevel 4
This one’s located to the west of Wellspring and northeast of Gunbarrel – near the Torn Plains. Try to clear the area before approaching the Ark Chest to be safe.

Canyon Cove ArkLevel 5
This one’s located at the south of Broken Tract. It should be behind a destroyed building. Again, try to bring your A-game because of the enemy threat level in the area.

Spikewind ArkLevel 6
You’ll find this Ark Chest located to the west of Broken Tract. It should be guarded by a few enemies and some bosses.

Shrouded Vault ArkLevel 6
The Ark is somewhere in the southeast area of the map – in the Dune Sea. Obtaining this Ark would be challenging since you’ll first have to complete two stations after which you’ll be able to access this Ark.

Dealypipe ArkLevel 6
You need to go towards Sekreto Wetlands. It can be found to the south of Lagoony. Similar to earlier Ark Chests, this one’s also guarded by a boss and his cronies.

Dank Catacomb ArkLevel 7
You need to go toward the north of Town of Lagoony. It can be located in the middle of Kvasir’s Laboratory and Lagoony. Expect heavy resistance for this one as well!

Needle Falls ArkLevel 7
This Ark Chest is located in the wilderness, in the northmost area of the map. You should be able to locate it on top of a waterfall.

Greenhaven ArkLevel 10
This Ark Chest is also located in the wilderness, at the north of the map. This is considered to be the toughest of all Arks since it’s guarded by two bosses along with some enemies. You should only go for this Ark once you’re fully equipped.

Please do note that we’re currently in the process of adding images of locations to the guide. We’ll update the Ark Chests Locations Guide with screenshots for better references.

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