How to Get Wool in Raft

Being a stranded person on a raft, you need backpacks and armor to survive and to make these, you need Wool. Since wool in Raft cannot be found randomly floating around the sea, finding wool can be a challenge and annoying for a lot of players.

Wool is used for crating your clothes and such accessories so it is a highly essential resource that you should stock up on. This guide will help you find Wool in the Raft survival game.

How to Get Wool in Raft

Unfortunately, wool can be acquired from only one source in the game. You can only find Wool from the Llama in the world.

To start your hunt for Wool, you first need Shears. You can make these by using two metal ores. Second, you need to get a tamed Llama for yourself. Taming a llama of your own isn’t really difficult you just have to find one. Once you do, the taming process can begin.

You cannot use your shears on an untamed Llama to get Wool. You can only use them on a tamed Llama to get the wool that you need.

Once you get yourself a pet Llama, you can use the Shears to harvest wool anytime you want. The Llama will regrow the wool in 15 minutes, for you to harvest again. So having a couple of Llamas on your Raft can turn out to be very beneficial for long-term wool harvesting.

Use of Wool

Wool is used as a crafting material in different items such as your backpack and armor. You need wool to make Backpacks, Leather Helmet, Leather Body Armor and Leather Greaves.

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