How to Build a Second Floor in Raft

Building and expanding are necessary for surviving in a game survival game like Raft and in order to be efficient, you will need to be creative with your expansions. In this guide, we will look at expanding your Raft by building a second floor on top of the base level you start off with.

How to Build a Second Floor in Raft

You start off in Raft with you on a small piece of wood, and it is up to, you to survive in the vast and endless ocean. There will come a point when the small piece of wood won’t be able to keep you afloat and you will need to expand.

The first instinct will be to expand the area of the raft which is usually the first thing a player will do when they are expanding their raft, but there will come a point when you think that I have expanded the width of the raft enough and that’s when you will get the idea of going in the upwards direction.

You will need the following items to build the second floor.

  • Floor (any kind)
  • Nails
  • Wooden Pillars

You can make a floor using planks which will depend upon the type of floor you are making. Nails can be crafted from scrap and wooden pillars can be crafted from 2x planks and 2x nails.

Building a second floor is easy just remember the keyword “support”. Anything you place will need something to stand on, something to support it. You can build a second floor using the flooring of your choice.

Firstly, you will need to put up walls on top of which the second floor will stand, and then you can start placing the floor. You can start by placing the floor along the walls first.

Once you have done that and you need to put the floor for the middle section, you won’t be able to because nothing is supporting it. You will need to place support such as a wooden pillar and then you can place more floor around it.

Keep repeating and you will have your Raft’s second floor ready in no time. A tip is that place the wooden pillar not exactly underneath but at a point where several floors meet. If you are feeling adventurous, you can extend it even further and go for a 3rd or 4th floor too.

Just keep in mind that the higher you build, the more time it will take you to navigate the base floor in case of emergency and you will have to rely on ziplines to travel around.

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