How To Kill Rhino Shark Boss In Raft

Rhino Shark is one of the late-game bosses in Raft but one that cannot be killed like the rest of...

Rhino Shark is one of the late-game bosses in Raft but one that cannot be killed like the rest of the sharks.

The Rhino Shark is immune to all damage. It does not matter what weapons you are packing because the only way to kill the Rhino Shark boss is to follow through with a series of in-game events.

The following guide will explain how to defeat the Rhino Shark boss in Raft.

Where To Find Rhino Shark In Raft

The Rhino Shark can be found in Varuna Point which is an underwater skyscraper that has a crane on top of it.

Rhino Shark is the main boss of Varuna Point. Hence, you will be hunted by the Rhino Shark as soon as you start exploring the area. You will, however, need to kill the boss in order to advance.

How To Defeat Rhino Shark In Raft

As you will be fighting underwater, it is necessary to take Oxygen Bottle and Flippers when you head towards Varuna Point. This will ensure that you have enough oxygen and improved mobility underwater.


Once you come across the Rhino Shark, it is important to know that this boss fight is different than other boss fights. You cannot harm the Rhino Shark. What you need to do is lure the Rhino Shark towards the pillars instead of fighting the Rhino Shark head on.

Once the boss fight begins, you will notice the first pillar. You need to stand in front of the pillar and when the Rhino Shark attacks you, move out of the way so that the Rhino Shark bumps into the pillar. This will create an opening for you to place explosives.

Once you place the explosives in the pillar you need to lure the Rhino Shark again to attack the pillar which will cause the pillar to blow up. This will create another opening but this will be large enough for you to head through.

You will now see two more pillars. You’ll need to repeat the same process and lure the shark into attacking the pillars. However, these two pillars will have a metal base, so you need to lure the Rhino Shark to attack the upper part of the pillars.

The explosives will do the rest and open up the ceiling. You need to head towards the ceiling where you will find the last pillar. You need to repeat the same step again and lure the Rhino Shark into attacking the pillar. Once the Rhino Shark destroys the fourth pillar, it’ll lose its HP and the Rhino Shark will die.

Rhino Shark Drops

The rewards for defeating the boss Rhino Shark are:

  • 25x Raw Shark Meat
  • 1x Rhino Shark Trophy

You will also unlock an achievement “Explosive Force” after you defeat the Rhino Shark boss in Raft.

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