How to Unlock New Characters in Raft

The early access version of Raft only had two characters to choose from, Maya and Rouhi. The final release of the game has given players the option of 4 brand new characters. These four new Rafters are unfortunately locked and need to be unlocked. We have prepared this guide to help you unlock all these new characters in Raft.

How to Unlock New Characters in Raft

The four new character additions to Raft are Tala, Johnny, Elaine, and Shogo. Players will still start the game as either Maya or Rouhi until they unlock these new ones.

How to Unlock Tala in Raft

To unlock Tala, head towards the Radio Tower. Make your way to the top of the tower. Go to the main control room and you will see a circular yellowish portal type of thing. Just step on that thing and you will unlock Tala.

How to Unlock Johnny in Raft

To unlock Johnny, head towards Balboa Island Station n6. Head to the top of Balboa Island. There is a big room with Station n6 written on the entrance. Go to that room and search for that yellowish portal and you will unlock Johnny.

How to Unlock Elaine in Raft

To unlock Elaine, you will have to head towards Tangaroa Tower’s Head in the ocean. The yellowish portal will be right in front of you.

How to Unlock Shogo in Raft

To unlock Shogo, head towards Temperance Selene Research Reactor Room. In the Temperance Selene Research, head down the stairs. Keep going until you see another pathway to the left.

The path will have snow on the way and ice spikes. Keep going, there will be a closed door. Open that up and there is another pathway to the left. Follow that and there will be another closed door. Upon opening that door, you will enter the Reactor Room. You will find the yellowish portal easily in that room and Shogo will be unlocked.

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