How To Unlock New Characters In Raft

Raft originally had only two characters to choose from during its early access period: Maya and Rouhi. The final release...

Raft originally had only two characters to choose from during its early access period: Maya and Rouhi. The final release of the game though has introduced four new characters for players to encounter during their adventures.

The only problem is that these new characters have to be first unlocked. The following guide will help you do that by finding them in Raft.

How To Unlock The New Raft Characters

The process of unlocking the new Raft characters is to first find them and then simply interact with them. You do not need to do any feats of strength to unlock them apart from just finding them. Remember that you can change your character from the main menu.

The four new character additions to Raft are:

  • Tala (Female)
  • Johnny (Male)
  • Elaine (Female)
  • Shogo (Male)

Tala’s Location

Tala can be found at the top of the Radio Tower, inside the main control room. You will have to climb your way to the top of the tower which may take a few attempts.

When you see Tala in the control room at the top, interact to unlock her as a new character in Raft.

Johnny’s Location

To unlock Johnny, head towards Balboa Island and then find Relay Station #6 on the top-most location of the island. You will spot a staircase after reaching the station. Climb that to find Johnny.

Elaine’s Location

Elaine is waiting for you on Tangaroa Island. When you reach the island, head towards Tangaroa Tower and climb your way to the top.

Your path to Elaine, however, might be blocked. The only way inside the room to unlock Elaine is through the roof at the top of the tower.

If you skipped the main storyline campaign, this roof will be intact and you will not be able to go inside. Once you play through the story, the top part of the roof will blow off, allowing you to head inside for Elaine.

Shogo’s Location

To unlock Shogo, make your way to Temperance Island, the second area in the Final Chapter of the game. Then head for the large, Selene Research Facility. However, just like Elaine, your path might be blocked if you skipped the main storyline.

You will not be able to get inside Selene Research Facility without having the Blowtorch and the Selene Key.

You will find the Blowtorch after powering up the Igloo Village in the middle of Temperance Island. This will be part of the storyline. The Blowtorch will be on a table on the second floor of the section with the large, spiral staircase.

As for the Selene Key, you can find it in another building on the island which resembles a robot head from afar. There is a constellation puzzle inside that you need to solve to get the safe deposit box code. The code is 5964. Use it to get the key inside the safe.

With both objects in hand, head inside Selene Research Facility. There are two puzzles here for each laboratory that you must solve to get inside the Reactor Room where Shogo is.

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