How to Get to Caravan Island in Raft

In this guide, we will explain how to get to the Caravan Island in Raft and get the items and notes in the area.

The survival game Raft isn’t just about sailing on a raft. You touch land plenty of time by visiting various islands and locations for resources. One such place is the Caravan Island and in this guide, we will explain how to get to it in Raft.

How to Get to Caravan Island in Raft

Caravan Island is among the many treats players receive in the Second Chapter. It consists of a whole lot of items, blueprints, and notes in the area. You can embark on this exciting yet challenging journey once you locate the Island on the game.

To reach the Caravan Island in Raft, players need to open their journal and search if the coordinates of Caravan Town have been included or not. Once you find it, it will read the code as ‘2021’.

Now enter this code on your navigator and sail towards the Island. Just follow the spot on your radar as you go, and you should be able to spot it. Now dock your boat nearby the banner that says Kafilah Town and enter the location to explore.

Caravan Island Walkthrough

Once you enter the Caravan Island in Raft, you’ll find that the Island has a small town named Caravan Town. The Island is divided into three pinnacles connected by zip lines and suspension bridges, and it also has a tower built of containers at its center.

Once you enter this Island, you’ll have to complete several small quests, including finding Battery Charger Parts for Battery Charger, Zipline Parts for Zipline Tool, keys for Mayor’s Chest, blueprints, and ten notes.

All Battery Charger Parts Locations

As you enter Caravan Island, the first mini-quest is to find the three Battery Charger parts. These are quest items in the game that the players should acquire to progress through Raft’s storyline.

Battery Charger Part #1
The first Battery Charger part can be found as soon as you enter the Island. You’ll find it chilling on the floor, waiting to be collected at the Port Office.

Battery Charger Part #2
Once you’ve collected the first part, move forward and go up the caravan. We’re looking for a housing unit on top of the mountains. Just take the stairs and ladders up; it should directly lead you there.

As you’re approaching the area, you’ll find bees here. Tease them if you have a death wish, or just mind your business and go up. At the very top, you’ll find the second part on the floor.

Battery Charger Part #3
The third part of the battery charger can be found at the neighboring hilltop just before the blue watch tower. You can find it right near a loot box.

All Zipline Parts Locations

Once you’ve got all three parts for the Battery Charger, let’s move forward and explore where you can find all three Zipline Parts in Caravan Island.

Zipline Part #1
Make your way up the mountain from the docks and find an open blue cabin. At the very back of it, you’ll be able to find a  blue well, and inside it will be the first part of Zipline. However, you can’t access it as it will be covered with rods.

To access it, you will have to rearrange and align all the hoses and funnels nearby. Once that’s done, the water will start pumping out, increasing the water level. Once the level is good enough, the zipline part will float up to you, and you can easily grab it and go.

Zipline Part #2
Go back to the center console of the Caravan island and cross to the back Island by carefully walking over the metal rope. You’ll have some bees here as well. Go all the way back, and you’ll find an explosive boiler here. You have to launch it by using Explosive Powder. You can find the powder from several Poison Puffers around.

Now go across the direction where the boiler shot up. Go up the huge rock, and at the top, you should be able to find the second part alongside a major tom toy and fireworks blueprint.

Zipline Part #3
The final part of the Zipline can be found deep down in the water nearby the Oxygen Pipe. Dive deep using your scuba gear and follow where the pipe leads. Go down till the very end, and you’ll find a shipping container, and inside it will be your third part.

Once you have all parts of the Battery Charger and Zipline, take them to their workstation and craft them for your uses.

All Caravan Island Notes Locations

There are a total of ten notes scattered all around Caravan Island. These are easy to find, making this mini quest easy for you to complete.

Note #1
Make your way up from the dock and go towards the cabin with the stove. Right next to the stoves, you’ll find your first note.

Note #2
Now go forward, passing the bees, and take the stair up. Take a left and go up again. Head towards the pump, and you’ll find the second note.

Note #3
Go down from where you found the second note and head towards the charging cables. Here you’ll find the third note.

Note #4
Head towards the center caravan and towards the right. Enter the cabin with cam goods, and you’ll find the fourth note here by the candles on a small desk.

Note #5
Leave the cabin and take a left to go downstairs. Follow down the path and run across the broken bridge. Slide down the cliff and make your way where the bike is. You’ll find your fifth note here.

Note #6
Nearby, you’ll find the Oxygen Pipe. Go up from there to the nearby cliff, and on top, you’ll find your sixth note.

Note #7
Approach the area where the explosive boiler was earlier. You’ll find a deck with a few pigs around this area. You’ll find the seventh note inside with the infirmary key.

Note #8
For the eighth note, head to the infirmary, and you should be able to find it from there.

Note #9
Go back to the center console and jump down to the beach. You’ll find the ninth note here inside a deck.

Note #10
You should be able to find the last note from the Mayor’s office inside the chest.

Other Resources on Caravan Island

  • Mayor’s Chest Key: Players can find the Mayor’s Chest keys while hunting for notes around Caravan Island. You’ll find these keys inside the infirmary nearby the Mudhogs.
  • Infirmary Key: Players can find the Infirmary Key at the ocean’s depths. You’ll find a container with a chest; inside it will be the keys.
  • Battery Charger Blueprint: It can be found in the Mayor’s office.
  • Engine Controls Blueprint: It can be found inside the Mayor’s chest.
  • Firework Blueprint: It can be found after launching the explosive boiler.
  • Metal Detector Blueprint: It can be found by following the oxygen pipe that goes into the ocean. It is inside the container.
  • Zipline Tool Blueprint: It is awarded after crafting all three Zipline Parts on the workstation.
  • Zipline Blueprint: Acquired after finding all parts of the Zipline.

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