How To Kill Alpha Hyena Boss In Raft

The Alpha Hyena can be taken as the final boss of Raft and hence, do not expect this fight to...

The Alpha Hyena can be taken as the final boss of Raft and hence, do not expect this fight to be as easy as the Rhino Shark boss.

The Alpha Hyena boss has various kinds of attacks between its different phases, including poisoning players for damage over time and going immune for a brief period.

The following guide will help you kill the Alpha Hyena in Raft.

Where To Find Alpha Hyena In Raft

You will encounter the Alpha Hyena at the end of Utopia, the final area you will explore in Chapter 3 which is also the final chapter of the game.

This is a large city that is seen after clearing Temperance Island. Here in this city, encounters with Olof will lead you to the arena where the Alpha Hyena boss appears.

How To Defeat Alpha Hyena In Raft

Defeating the Alpha Hyena is a simple yet troublesome task. To deal with this enemy, you have to look at its strengths and weaknesses. This boss has a few tricks up its sleeve that you need to watch out for, while also using a few selected weapons to deal damage to it.

As for the weapons you need to use against the Alpha Hyena, you need to remember that this enemy is pretty much immune to any ranged weapons except the Metal arrows, though they deal very little damage to it.

The way to go for this particular boss is using melee weapons, especially the Machete and the metal Spear, where the former deals the most damage while the latter has a higher range of attack.

This boss has a range of attacks it can use against you, which could be easily dodged honestly. The most basic attack of the Alpha Hyena is the bite attack, where it will run at you and try to bite you. But, there’s more to it; wherever it goes, it leaves a trail of poison behind. These poison spots will deal damage to you if you step on them. They do fade away after a short period of time though, after which you can continue on normally.

There are two types of special attacks this boss can pull off, which can only be performed after Olof feeds it. Do note that while the Alpha Hyena is performing these attacks, his mane will begin to glow in green color indicating that it is invincible during the phase.

The first of these attacks is the throwing of poisonous rocks. The Alpha Hyena will throw huge rocks at you, which, also, leave behind a trail of poison.

The second of these special attacks is the leap attack. During this attack, the boss will scuff the ground and leap at you with great agility. If caught, it will pin you down and attack you five times before letting go (quite like the pounce of a raptor in ARK).

After a short period of time, the Alpha Hyena’s mane will return to normal, and it would switch back to the basic bite attacks.

Overall, when fighting the Alpha Hyena, you need to keep in mind all the different attacks it can pull off. Anticipating the attacks and timing the dodges, you will have the upper hand in the battle.

Just remember to have a good movement, wait for the attack, hit the boss, then wait for the next attack and repeat.

Alpha Hyena Drops

Upon defeating the Alpha Hyena, you will be rewarded with an Alpha’s Head, which can be worn as a helmet, or hung on a Large Trophy Board.

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