Quantum Error Interview: PlayStation 5 Launch Title, Differences Between PS5 & PS4 Versions, PC Plans

Quantum Error was recently announced as a first-person cosmic horror game for both PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. However, without a release date, there was no way to confirm whether Quantum Error would join the likes of Godfall for the next-generation console. As it turns out, that was always the plan from the start.

Speaking with SegmentNext in a recent interview, developer TeamKill Media stated that the goal right now is to get Quantum Error ready for the PlayStation 5 launch. If development goes as scheduled and there are no unforeseen delays, Quantum Error could possibly be another launch title for PlayStation 5.

Realistically, we are probably looking at it being an early launch title. We would love to have QE ready by the PS5 and that will be the goal. It will depend on how smooth development progresses.

TeamKill Media comprises a small team of four developers for Quantum Error. Instead of finishing the PlayStation 4 version first, the developer is prioritizing the PlayStation 5 version right now. The PlayStation 4 version will ported from the final PlayStation 5 version. Hence, whenever the game launches, it will be next-generation ready — a goal that TeamKill Media is taking really seriously.

When asked about the main difference between both versions, TeamKill Media pointed out two: the lighting and the loading. Quantum Error will feature improved lighting courtesy of ray tracing technology on PlayStation 5. As for the loading segments, TeamKill Media intends to utilize the faster solid state drive for either minimum or no loading screens at all.

Furthermore, in terms of resolutions, TeamKill Media expects Quantum Error to run at 1080p and 4K on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 respectively.

The main difference between the two will be the way lighting is handled and the loading of the game. We are developing first and foremost for the PS5 to take advantage of the new technology with ray tracing. Not only does the ray-tracing make lighting life-like but the audio aspect is exciting as well.

As far as loading times go, we haven’t gotten to that point yet but, we do plan to harness the power of the SSD and go for minimum to no loading screens.

The PS4 version will be as close as possible to the PS5 version, but obviously minus the fancy new tech and probably run at 1080P vs 4K.

Unfortunately for other platform owners, there are no current plans to bring Quantum Error anywhere else other than the PlayStation family. That holds true particularly for PC, at least for the near future.

At the moment we are not planning on PC but, it could come to the platform later down the road.

Quantum Error is among the first exclusives to be announced for PlayStation 5. TeamKill Media will be dropping more details in the coming months but for now, wants everyone to know that Quantum Error is being developed for players who loved games like Dead Space, Doom 3, Fear, and Resident Evil 7. Forthcoming gameplay footage will make it clearer if that claim holds true.

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