Quantum Error Announced For PlayStation 5

TeamKill Media just announced its upcoming horror FPS game called Quantum Error for the PS5 and PS4. The developer released a short teaser for the game alongside the announcement.

Looks like we have another game making its way to the PlayStation 5. TeamKill Media’s upcoming Quantum Error game is an FPS horror game set in space. It falls in the “Cosmic Horror” genre. Other than that not much is known about the upcoming installment.

The teaser trailer shows us being brought to an outpost of some sort and surely enough, something isn’t right. We see a multitude of dead bodies alongside some eerie spider-like creatures crawling around. In the end, we see some shadowy human-like creatures.

The game was created using the Unreal Engine 4. With the setting and the technology shown in the teaser, it seems like the events of the game take place in a futuristic world. TeamKill Media managed to create a gripping and intense atmosphere within the confines of either a submarine or a space station.

Looking at the gameplay, we couldn’t help but get some Dead Space vibes. The Dead Space franchise has definitely left a gaping void in the cosmic horror genre. It looks like Quantum Error is all set to fill that void and give fans their cosmic horror fix.

Quantum Error adds to the handful of titles coming to the PlayStation 5. Alongside TeamKill Media’s upcoming game we have Outriders and Godfall coming to the PS5 as well. Though Outriders is also coming out on the Xbox Series X too.

Apart from those titles, we know that Rainbow Six Siege will be transitioning to the next generation along with other Ubisoft titles which are Watch Dogs Legion and Gods and Monsters. However, Sony Interactive Entertainment will need a lot more first-party exclusive PS5 titles to attract fans to the platform

The PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X is slated for launch in the holidays of 2020 despite the ongoing crisis.