Quantum Break Update For Xbox One X In The Works, Will Fix Graphical Glitches

You remember the game Quantum Break published by Microsoft? well recently it had been experiencing some graphical issues and the developers are working to fix it. Remedy recently posted on Twitter regarding the Quantum Break Update for Xbox One X that will hopefully be taking care of the graphical glitches that most of the players have been experiencing.

It seems to be that something went wrong with the resolution and Remedy is working on an update for the Xbox One X to fix the graphical glitches.

The head of communications at Remedy, Thomas Puha, recently posted on Twitter saying that the Update is being worked on and he will be able to give the players some more information in the coming week.

So what we can gather from the Tweet is that for those who are experiencing any graphical glitches in Quantum Break following the Xbox One X Update, a fix for these glitches is being prepped by Remedy.

For the Quantum Break fans, they can rest assured that Microsoft is not planning on abandoning this game as they have declared it before. Last year Microsoft hinted that it has intentions to stick with its new IPs such as Quantum Break and Recore.

The aim of Microsoft was to make this game something of a monument, that apparently doesn’t seem to be. Although the game is really good in its science fiction aspect, also with its action-adventure third-person shooter gameplay the game did capture the audience. However, the negative aspects of the game outweighed the positive.

Hoping that new information regarding the game’s update rolls out soon. Have you been experiencing any graphical glitches? Let us know in the comments below.