Quantum Break Launch Trailer is Here

Quantum Break arrives next month on Xbox One and Microsoft Windows, and a fully cinematic launch trailer has arrived right on time.

Developed by Remedy, the third-person action-adventure title will involve a heavy use of time-bending mechanics, as well as its own digital live-action series with a story that will differ depending on your choices in-game.

Quantum Break follows the story of Jack Joyce, played by Shawn Ashmore, who develops an ability to manipulate time after an experiment on time-travel goes disastrously wrong at a University in North-Eastern USA.

The whole area becomes affected in different ways, with many characters developing various abilities. Jack works alongside Beth Wilder (who has abilities that are yet to be revealed by Remedy) to bring down the Monarch Corporation led by Jack’s former friend Paul Serene, who himself can see into the future.

The game was originally advertised as an Xbox One exclusive, but last month it was revealed that Quantum Break will also release on PC at the same time.

The game will release in its entirety, but will consist of episodes in order to run alongside its live-action counterpart. Each episode will end with a choice that dictates what path you will take in both the game and the show.


Remedy’s latest adventure has incredibly high production values, with a unique take on video game storytelling with an emphasis on cut-scenes and even 20 minute episodes. Hopefully the game itself, releasing Worldwide on April 5th, will still play beautifully and the narrative will not take a convoluted path into time-travel nonsense.

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