Quantum Break Coming to PC and Xbox One On April 5?

Update: As expected! Remedy has confirmed that Quantum Break will launch on PC and Xbox One simultaneously. It has also been confirmed that everyone who will pre-order the game for Xbox One before Apr. 04, 2016 will get the PC version for free.

According to a German magazine, Remedy’s upcoming Quantum Break will launch simultaneously for PC and Xbox One on Apr. 05, 2016.

The written article, which now has been removed for breaking NDA, treated the report as something concrete and not a rumor. It also goes without saying that GameStar.De (the site that originally published the report) is a well-established source and is not known to spread speculations such as these.

We have come across several instances in the past indicating that a PC version of the game may indeed be in the works; the most recent of which was a rating for the PC version of the game by Brazil Advisory Rating Board which later got removed as quietly as it appeared.

Moreover, just a couple of days ago, the team working on Quantum Break teased an announcement for Thursday which we speculated to be a bundle or sequel at the most, but seeing the report from the said magazine; is Remedy Entertainment indeed planning to announce a PC version soon. I guess, we will have to wait and watch!

Last but not the least; with more and more Xbox exclusives landing on PC platform, this will certainly not come as a huge surprise.

As per official sources, Quantum Break is scheduled to release exclusively for Xbox One on Apr. 05, 2016.

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