Quantic Dream Has “Exciting” Announcements For 2020

Quantic Dream, the well-known interactive storyteller, will be making some special announcements later in the year, assumed to be related to a new game.

Taking to Twitter earlier today, studio founder David Cage extended his best wishes for the new year and teased “many surprises in store” for fans. He added that the year 2020 will be even more exciting than the last one and there are surprises awaiting to be revealed. He asked everyone to stay tuned, which might suggest that whatever announcement Quantic Dream is sitting on may as well be inbound for the coming weeks or months.

Detroit: Become Human, a Sony-published PlayStation 4 exclusive, was the last game developed by Quantic Dream. Detroit: Become Human landed on PlayStation 4 back in May 2018 and has sold over 3.2 million copies to date. The game then graced PC just last December but not before Quantic Dream began hiring engineers, artists, and animators for something new. According to the job listings from the time, the developer is working on its next “ambitious production” and hence, seeks talent.

Whatever Quantic Dream has been cooking behind close doors will certainly be next-generation. PlayStation 5 is scheduled to launch worldwide during the holiday season at the end of the year. While Sony will be skipping E3 2020 once again, the PlayStation company will obviously be hosting a separate event to reveal the new console. It’s entirely possible that the surprises hinted by Cage earlier today will be revealed there. Quantic Dream should be present at that event or at bare minimum, its new game (assumed for PlayStation 5) will be revealed there.

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