Quantic Dream is Hiring for Next “Ambitious Production”, Mobile Project Hinted

Quantic Dreams is hiring talent for their next projects. The listings claim the team has some "ambitious productions" in store for us.

When it comes to games that have defined a whole genre, Quantic Dreams is a pioneer. The studio’s games have become classics and since their decision to ditch the PlayStation exclusivity, their spectrum opened up drastically. Quantic Dream is now recruiting talented people for their next “ambitious productions”.

While we see great games release every single day, classics don’t come that often. All Quantic Dream games have become a great addition to every Playstation shelf and we’re lucky to now have them on PC too. Heavy Rain and Beyond Two Souls are already available exclusively through the Epic Store while Detroit: Become Human will release in the next months. Now, the studio is looking for people to expand their manpower and release more great games.

Their official website includes career opportunities for a huge variety of fields. Developers, artists, animators and more are needed in order for them to make more great games. Taking a closer look at the listings, they state that Quantic Dream is hiring for their next “ambitious productions”. Since their games have now become multiplatform an expansion is inevitable.

What comes as a surprise is the fact that they are also looking for a mobile game producer. The listing states that he/she will in charge of ” the development of a mobile and social title”.

Apparently, Quantic Dream is moving to mobile devices as well, a platform that fits their cinematic experience. Even if they don’t take the same route though, this comes as a confirmation that gaming will move to mobile faster than ever in the next years.

In related Quantic Dream news, the PC version of Detroit: Become Human is finally taking shape. David Cage, founder, and director of the studio has shared a screenshot of Connor on PC, claiming that an official announcement is coming soon.

The Detroit: Become Human release date is not final yet, however, expect it to release sometime before the end of the year, exclusively on the Epic Store.

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