PUBG Ban Numbers Reached Over A 1,044,000 Players In One Month Last Month

PUBG ban numbers have apparently broken over a million and 40 in just a month as cheating continues to be endemic in the game. Bluehole is aiming to put in a new anti-cheat software this week.

Cheating in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds has apparently nearly become endemic, as the PUBG ban numbers reached over 1,044,000 players in just a month, last month. According to BattlEye, the software that the game uses to ban cheaters, the problem is only continuing to escalate, so we’ll probably get more in the future.

While cheating has often been commonplace when it comes to games like PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, where you can die very rapidly if you’re caught by surprise, it’s apparently gotten way worse in the last few months. Things like aimbots, god mode, lag switching, and more are often used by cheaters in the game as a foolproof way to a chicken dinner.

The drastic increase might be directly related to how the game got millions of Chinese players once the game was released int aht region. Considering the amount of cheating that often happens in the Asian areas of the world, it seems that cheaters have migrated over to Battlegrounds in order to ruin some other game with their behavior. The cheating rapidly became so bad that PUBG players demanded that China be split off from the main PUBG servers, which Bluehole did.

Bluehole had previously announced that they were working on a new solution to help curtail cheating even more, including automatically banning anyone that messes with the game files and blacklisting certain softwares that players sometimes add into the game in order to get some sort of advantage. An early version of that is slated to go in sometime this week.

The PUBG ban numbers will likely only to continue to increase as the anti-cheating software is implemented, and even then it’s possible that cheaters will end up finding ways to get around the ban software.

Whether we’ll get a new update of PUBG ban numbers in the future remains to be seen, but hopefully eventually people will realize that it’s better to play the game legitimately than not cheat.

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