Players Are Demanding PUBG Chinese Region Lock Due To Cheating

Players are apparently wanting a PUBG Chinese region lock due to cheating from that region, which has been endemic since the game released in China.

One of the more unfortunate certainties in PC gaming is causing gamers to demand a PUBG Chinese region lock; mainly a lack of ethics among Asian players that is dragging down the rest of the game for everyone. PUBG released in China several weeks ago, but it’s apparently gone wrong.

While China is a substantial video game market, that doesn’t mean that gamers in that country know any measure of gaming etiquette. Cheating is apparently endemic for Chinese players in a lot of games, including DDOSing and using of aimbots and other sorts of cheating methods.

While it’s likely that not all Chinese players are cheating, and that not all cheaters are Chinese in origin, the problem is apparently widespread enough that Brendan Greene is thinking of instituting a PUBG Chinese region lock in order to prevent Chinese players from getting into the wider servers and dragging down the experience for others.

A region lock would prevent Chinese players from joining games in other countries, meaning that if any Chinese cheaters want to play the game they’ll have to play against other Chinese, and that likely means other Chinese cheaters as well.

Previously, Bluehole has made periodic announcements on how many cheating players and hackers that the game has banned, but it appears that there are more cheaters in the game than the banning software can keep up with.

Bluehole has attempted to assuage players’ anger over the widespread cheating by promising more BP coins to them after matches, but many players see that as focusing on the wrong problem; players don’t want more coins, they want to be able to play the game without worrying about someone too lazy to try and be good at the game on their own merits causing them to lose.

Either way, hopefully a PUBG Chinese region lock won’t end up being implemented, but at the same time Chinese players need to clean up their acts before they ruin it for the entire country’s playerbase.

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