Psychonauts 2 Strike City Walkthrough

In this guide, we will show you the Psychonauts 2 Strike City Walkthrough and how to complete all objectives to complete the main mission

In our Psychonauts 2 Strike City Walkthrough guide, we will provide a complete walkthrough of the Strike City main mission with all of the objectives that you need to complete.

Psychonauts 2 Strike City

After you’ve completed Ford’s Follicles main mission, you will find yourself onto the next part of the story, with the Strike City main mission.

In this Psychonauts 2 Strike City mission, you need to go inside Ford’s mind to learn more about his backstory.

Talk to Ford in Astral Lanes Bowling Alley

Start the mission by heading towards the Astral Lanes Bowling Alley. You will find Ford inside the bowling alley, spraying the shoes with Anti-Germs spray. A cutscene will play when you enter the Astral Lanes Bowling Alley.

Enter Ford’s Mind

After the cutscene, grab the card from behind the counter and talk to Ford. Ask Ford to let him enter his mind. Ford will accept your request and you will now be inside his mind.

Go Through the Downtown Center

Once inside, jump on top of the bowling ball and ride it through the alley while knocking the pins.

You will now enter the City of Germs, where you need to reach Ford in the giant pin-like structure. You need to do so by riding on top of the bowling ball through the whole area.

Start of the Kingpin Express

Keep going straight and jump to the other platform where the Ball Polisher is. Take the ball to the polisher and place the ball inside it. Rotating the ball inside the polisher will move the platform that you need to connect to the Kingpin Express.

Go through the expressway towards the next platform that is filled with slime. Take the route from on top of the boxes to keep going.

The next part of the Kingpin Express will be missing a part of the track. Again, take the ball inside the Ball Polisher to clean the ball and connect the track.

Take a new ball from behind and make your way through the Foul Link towards the next platform.

Go Through the Construction Site

You will now enter the Construction Site. Go through the Construction Site by jumping through the obstacles. At the end of the path will be the final Ball Polisher.

Put the ball inside the Ball Polisher to clean it and connect the missing part of the track. Grab a new ball and go through the Foul Link.

Pass the Lover’s Lane

You will now enter Lover’s Lane, which will take you straight towards Ford. A cutscene will play where you will now be inside Ford’s head.

Interact With Ford’s Brain

Once the cutscene ends, jump from one platform to another to reach Ford’s brain.

There is a little piece of mirror stuck inside the brain. Interact with it to remove the piece and reveal the true story behind Ford’s love life.

After the final cutscene plays, you will now have completed the Strike City main story mission. After this, the story leads to the Psychonauts 2 Brain in a Jar main mission.