Psychonauts 2 PSI King’s Sensorium Walkthrough

PSI King’s Sensorium in Psychonauts 2 refers to the mind of the PSI King. This guide will go over everything you need to know about completing all the missions associated with PSI King’s Sensorium in Psychonauts 2.

Psychonauts 2 PSI King’s Sensorium

Your venture into PSI King’s Sensorium actually begins when Raz is trying to get access to the mailroom. However, for that, he needs Nick, who, unfortunately, will not be in his right mind.

To fix his mental state and acquire his help in getting access to the mailroom, you’ll need to find a spare brain for him and stabilize him, and that’ll take you through different parts of PSI King’s Sensorium.

First off, head to the mailroom and approach Ford behind the counter, who’ll tell you that only senior staff can talk to him.

Since Nick is part of the senior staff, make your way to him only to find him stuck in a punch machine.

So, Raz will decide that find him a brain to keep him out of trouble in the future.

Re-Brain Nick

Accordingly, open your handbook and tap on “Get a Spare Brain” in the critical missions of the Motherlobe.

You’ll automatically be transferred to Otto’s lab. Once there, head inside, and soon, a cutscene will be triggered with Otto.

When prompted, ask him if interns are allowed to lend any cool devices. He’ll lend you some devices. After that, let him get back to work and make your way to the Hall of Brain behind.

Interact with the computer there and choose the brain of Harry Heptadome for Nick.

Then, Raz will go inside this brain, where he’ll meet the talking mote of light representing the brain.

When Raz comes out, go and deliver the brain to Nick.

However, with the brain installed in his body, he will start to act weird. So, now, you’ll need to calm him down.

Go into Nick’s Mind to Calm Him

As soon as you enter Nick’s Mind, he’ll have a panic attack. So, deal with it until the Mote of Light is back to normal.

Now, traverse through the ocean-like place until you have someone knocking. After a short while, a guy named Vision will appear and take the Mote of Light, who’s now apparently the PSI King, with him to a stage show, and Raz will follow them.

Next, backstage, talk to Vision and tell him that you’ll find his Violin. Then, you’ll be sent into his brain to find it.

Find Vision’s Violon

Once inside Vision’s mind, jump through the series of platforms up ahead until you have reached a rainbow-looking pathway. Jump across it and keep moving ahead.

Soon, you’ll reach a windmill. Use your time bubble to slow it down in order to jump across it to the next platform.

Keep moving forward, crossing one platform after the other until you have reached the Eye Shrine. Far up north, you will see the desired Violin hovering in the hands of Vision’s statue.

Make your way to the statue and grab the Violin. With that, a cutscene will play, which will see Vision playing his Violin for the crowd.

However, Vision will tell you that he needs a whole band to fully entertain the crowd.

According to find the remaining members of the band, Raz will hop on Feel Mobile along with Vision and PSI King.

Feel Mobile will stop at Concessions, where Vision would assume that the remaining band members are. Raz will say that he’ll go find Tasty and Sniffles.

Look For Tasty and Sniffles

Proceed for the search of Tasty and Sniffles, moving across one platform to the other, using your Time Bubble when needed. You’ll find Tasty and Sniffles next to a food stall on a platform surrounded by different colored towers.

Talk to them and tell them about PSI King and Vision. They will agree to come with you; however, they will tell you that they don’t know where their instruments are.

Ask them to buy new instruments, but they will tell you they are quite attached to the old ones.

Raz will ask them to take a look at their brains to help them in finding the instruments. In response, Tasty will send you to the Nose Mouth Shrine of Sniffles.

Once inside, follow the music signs and just keep traversing through platform after platform, using Time Bubble, Levitate, and Mental Connection when needed.

On the way, PSI King will have a panic attack, and this time, two enemies will spawn, fight them off to proceed.

You’ll eventually reach a platform with a half yellow and half purple surface. The desired instruments will be hovering over it.

Once you grab them, another cutscene will trigger in which Tasty will suggest that they should get the whole band together, meaning that you now need to look for Dr. Touch and Audio O.

After the cutscene ends, you will find yourself back in the Feel Mobile. This time around, you’ll stop at the campgrounds.

Find the Remaining Band Members

Follow the music signs and start looking for the remaining two band members. You will find them resting atop what seems like a huge blue-colored rock.

They will agree to come back upon hearing that PSI King is back. However, just like Sniffles and Tasty, they won’t know where their instruments are. So, you’ll have to find it for them.

Accordingly, Dr. Touch will send you into the ear-hand shrine of Audio O.

Inside, as before, follow the music signs. As you get close to the required instruments, swarms of enemies will attack you, one after the other, take them all out.

Meanwhile, PSI King will have a panic attack, spawning multiple enemies. Just stay patient, and you shouldn’t find it too difficult to overcome them.

Once your pathway is cleared out, go and pick up the instruments.

With that being done, a final cutscene will play in which the whole band will play a song for the crowd, Lucy will appear, and finally, Nick will be able to control his thoughts.

Resultantly, you will be granted access to the secure mailroom, and the mission will come to an end.