Psychonauts 2 Lucrecia’s Lament Collectibles Locations Guide

In this guide, we'll be showing you how to find all of the Psychonauts 2 Lucrecia's Lament Collectibles such as Figments, Memory Vaults etc.

In this guide, we’ll be discussing Psychonauts 2 Lucrecia’s Lament Collectibles Locations. You can find Figments, Memory Vaults, Nuggets of Wisdom, and Emotional Baggage scattered throughout the map.

Psychonauts 2 Lucrecia’s Lament Collectibles Locations

The types of collectibles that you will find in Lucrecia’s Lament are Figments, Nuggets of Wisdom, Memory Vaults, and Emotional Baggage.

Let’s start with the locations for these collectibles one by one.

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Figments in Lucrecia’s Lament

There are a total of 106 Figments in Lucrecia’s Lament of Psychonauts 2.

Figment Location #1

The flea circus is a small area, and you will easily find all of the Figments in this area. There are 32 Figments to explore in this area, so make sure to search each nook and cranny—platform across the different objects lying around and collect the Figments.

You will also find a merry-go-round ride; use your time bubble to slow down the ride and collect the Figments.

Figment Location #2

Use the ladder at the corner of the room, swirling upwards, and proceed towards the ceiling, from where you will be able to get a good view of the entire circus. You will find one Figment in this location.

Figment Location #3

In the quilted area, where you’ll find the Steamer Trunk Tag, you’ll also find 12 Figments. In addition, you’ll come across five fish Figments floating in the air in front of you.

At the bank of the river, you will find a rolled carpet that you can activate and turn into a bridge.

Figment Location #4

Right after you’ve rolled out the bridge, in Figment Location #05, cross the bridge, and you’ll find 5 Figments in this area. Hop onto the yarns, needles, and trees to collect these Figments.

Figment Location #5

The second quilted area, which is accessed by the first portal, contains 39 total Figments. After the portal to the second quilted area, you’ll find a fire figment at the back of the portal, light up the bonfire.

Just above you, you’ll discover thoughts that you can connect to and collect the Figments hanging above.

Connect to these thoughts and collect the Figments.  Walk down the pink-colored path and collect all the Figments on your way.

Use your pouncy ball upgrade to get to the Figments at the very top. You’ll find a fire Figment and a bonfire which you’ll have to light up to open the second portal.

Figment Location #6

After entering the second portal, walk down the main pathway, and you’ll find a black hole with which you can interact. Dive into it, and you will come out to a secret area with a handful amount of Figments.

Figment Location #7

Go back inside the black hole from Figment Location #06, and you’ll come back to your original location. Proceed from there, and you’ll find some more Figments until you discover another black hole, hop inside, and you’ll find some more Figments.

Memory Vaults in Lucrecia’s Lament

You will find two memory vaults in this mission.

Memory Vault #1

At the very start of this mission, inside the flea circus, at one corner of the room, you’ll find a big red and white-colored jar. Behind this jar, you’ll find the first memory vault.

Memory Vault #2

At Figment Location #03, right after you’ve rolled out the bridge on the river, cross it, and you’ll find the second memory vault near some trees.

Nuggets of Wisdom in Lucrecia’s Lament

You’ll find a total of 3 Nuggets of Wisdom in this mission.

Nugget of Wisdom #1

Right after collecting the Figments from the merry-go-round in the Flea Circus. You will find two ropes, climb onto the lower rope, balance yourself and then hop onto the rope above. Platform across it and you’ll find the first Nugget of Wisdom.

Nugget of Wisdom #2

In Figment Location #4, you’ll find a pumpkin-shaped trampoline with needles stuck in it. Jump on this trampoline, and on top of a log, you’ll find the second Nugget of Wisdom.

Nugget of Wisdom #3

After getting out of the black hole in Figment location #7, you’ll find the third Nugget of Wisdom.

Emotional Baggage in Lucrecia’s Lament

Below are mentioned, the locations of each of the emotional baggage tags.

Steamer Trunk Tag

Outside the Flea circus, in the quilted area, walk on the main path, and you’ll easily be able to spot the Steamer Trunk Tag in front of the river.

Hatbox Tag

Right after you’ve collected the second Nugget of Wisdom, hop back down, and at the back of the portal, you’ll find the Hatbox Tag.

Purse Tag

After entering the second portal, behind this portal, you’ll find the Purse Tag.

Dufflebag Tag

Right after getting out of the black hole in Figment Location #06, you’ll find the Dufflebag Tag.

Suitcase Tag

After climbing up the ladder to reach the top of the circus, platform across the path, and you’ll find a suitcase tag.

Towards the end of this level, you’ll find all of the Emotional Baggage in the same location. They will be easily detectable and audible as well.

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