Psychonauts 2 Cruller’s Correspondence Collectibles Locations Guide

In this Psychonauts 2 Cruller's Correspondence Collectibles Locations guide, we'll give you the location of all 47 Figments, Nuggets of...

In this Psychonauts 2 Cruller’s Correspondence Collectibles Locations guide, we’ll give you the location of all 47 Figments, Nuggets of Wisdom, Half-a-Minds, and Memory Vaults collectibles in Cruller’s Correspondence in Psychonauts 2.

Psychonauts 2 Cruller’s Correspondence Collectibles Locations

Cruller’s Correspondence contains 47 Figments, 1 Nugget of Wisdom, 1 Half-a-Minds, 1 Memory Vault, and 2 Hatbox Tags. Let’s begin with collecting the most abundant collectibles, the Figments.

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Figments in Cruller’s Correspondence

Most of the Figments are quite easy to spot. There’re only a few of them that are hidden and require you to go off-track to collect them.

Figments Location # 1

The chapter begins in an empty office. There’s only one corridor leading you out of the office. Exit the office, and you’ll find 2 Figments in the corridor.

Figments Location # 2

The corridor leads you to Ford’s bot. You’ll see plenty of flying envelopes underneath you.

The envelopes follow a single passage from your current location to the Dead Letter’s office.

Amidst their path is a landing. One of the Figments is located on that landing.

You can take an envelope to that landing, collect the Figment and then be on your way to the Dead Letter’s office for more Figments.

Figments Location # 3

In the Dead Letter’s office, you’ll find heaps of letters lying around. Before you drop to the ground, take a good look around.

You’ll spot three Figments in front of you, with one of them located on a rack and two on the ground.

There’s another one on the left. You’ll spot it once you jump down to the ground.

Figments Location # 4

By the time you collect the Figment located on the rack, you’ll find another one right behind it, on the ground.

Figments Location # 5

Right above the fourth location is a platform with a bouncy envelope protruding out from it. There’s another Figment on that platform.

Figment Location # 6

After collecting the Figment from the fifth location, face the typewriter behind it and then look towards your left to find another red Figment.

Figment Location # 7

There’s another opening leading you out from the current location that has heaps of letters on the ground.

Use the boxes to climb up to that opening and head over to the other side. There’ll be Figment on the left on the same platform.

Figment Location # 8

After collecting the Figment from location # 7, look to the left again to find another Figment.

You can use the pins on the wall to swing towards that Figment and then make your way back to the main platform.

Figment Location # 9

Once you’re back on the main platform, flick the switch on the wall to activate the flying envelopes.

There’ll be another Figment in Front of you. Use the flying envelop to get to that Figment.

Figment Location # 10

Your next destination would be the giant typewriter in Ford’s mind. There’re two Figments located on either end of the typewriter.

Figment Location # 11

There’re two more Figments located near the far end of the typewriter by the ledge.

You’ll have to make a long jump to grab the one in the air and then climb the ledge to collect the second one.

Figment Location # 12

Flying envelopes are coming out from underneath the platform where the typewriter is located.

A Figment is located nearby. You’ll have to jump and catch a flying envelope to collect this Figment.

Figment Location # 13

The flying envelopes will then lead you to another platform. There’s a blue Figment on that platform and another red Figment on a platform to the left.

Figment Location # 14

Look around for a moving stamp. There’s a Figment hidden in one of the drawers on the platform where the stamp is stomping the ground.

Another Figment is located on top of the stamp, and another one on top of drawers on the same platform.

Figment Location # 15

While you’re collecting the Figment on the stamp, look for another one hidden in the cabinet space nearby.

Figment Location # 16

Look behind, and you’ll see two more moving stamps. There’s another Figment on top of one of them.

Figment Location # 17

Cross the stamps and then jump onto the platform on the far end. Cross the spinning wheel, and you’ll see another Figment in front of you.

Figment Location # 18

Next, jump on to the next set of flying envelopes, and they’ll lead you to another platform with another Figment.

Jump back onto the flying envelopes, and you’ll come across a Figment on the way.

Figment Location # 19

The Envelop will lead you to the International Dead Letter office. There’ll be a Figment in front of you and then a steep slope after that.

Before you begin sliding down the slope, look towards your left to spot another Figment.

After that, jump down the slope, and you can collect the remaining Figments in this region along the way.

Figment Location # 20

When the slope ends, there’re a few more Figments at the bottom. One of them is located on a box and the remaining around the orange abyss.

Figment Location # 21

When you fall down the chasm, look towards your left for three Figments. You’ll have to swing across the pins to get to them.

Figment Location # 22

Midway, while swinging across the pins, look down, and you’ll see a couple of books.

Two of the Figments are hidden here. One of them is between the books and another one behind them, at the edge of the shelf.

Figment Location # 23

Now, move to the other end of the bookshelf, and there’s a Figment at the edge.

Figment Location # 24

After collecting the Figments on the bookshelf, climb back up and continue swinging across the pins. When you reach the “L” key, you’ll find a Figment above it.

Two more Figments can be spotted from here near the pins ahead of you.

Memory Vault in Cruller’s Correspondence

The Memory Vault is located near the moving stamps on the platform by the moving wheel. You’ll come across this location after you visit the giant typewriter for the first time.

Emotional Baggage in Cruller’s Correspondence

The Hatbox Tag is located near the 8th Figment Location. Once you’ve collected the red Figment on the left, look at your left again, and you’ll find the Hatbox Tag hidden inside the cabinet.

The Emotional Baggage in Cruller’s Correspondence can be found when you go looking for the letter in the International Dead Letter Office. Before you slide down the slope, take a stroll to the left to find the Emotional Baggage.

Half-a-Mind in Cruller’s Correspondence

This too is located in the International Dead Letter office. There’s a rack at the end of the long steep slope. Half-a-Mind is located on top of that rack.

Nugget of Wisdom in Cruller’s Correspondence

When you make it back to the typewriter, but this time you’re above it, look around to see a giant green lamp that is shining its light on the typewriter.

The Golden Nugget is located on its top. Use Mental Connection to get up there.

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