PS5 Weight Quite Heavy, 10.5 Pounds, Not As Big As PS3

The PS5 weight has been revealed and the console is quite hefty, weighting around 10.5 pounds. However, the original PS3 was still bigger, if only slightly.

An enterprising Redditor looking around Amazon Germany’s listings for the Playstation 5 has found the PS5 weight listed at 4.78 kilograms. That’s 10.54 pounds in Imperial measurements, and makes it the second-heaviest console that Sony has produced behind the Playstation 3, which weighed 5 kilograms (11 pounds) originally before the Slim put it down to 7 pounds.

While we haven’t had a real size comparison between the other Playstation consoles and the Playstation 5, the weight of the Playstation 5 likely means that Sony’s upcoming next-gen console is quite big. It’s likely following a similar pattern to the Playstation 3, where its size was due to being backwards compatible with the Playstation 2.

Sony has previously said that the Playstation 5 will be able to use backwards compatibility for thousands of Playstation games, but another reason for its weight might be the new technology that’s inside of it that Playstation is so proud of.

Of course, the PS5 weight might not be entirely accurate. Amazon Germany lists the same amount of weight for both the normal Playstation 5 and the Digital Edition Playstation 5, which only plays digitally downloaded games.

This likely means that the Digital Edition has components missing that would lighten its load, yet both of them are the same weight. The weight may simply be a placeholder until it can actually be found out for sure. This also begs the question of how much the Xbox Series X weighs.

According to Eurogamer, which found this out at the start of May, the Xbox Series X is a similarly hefty console, though still a half-pound lighter than the Playstation 5, it seems. Exactly what the PS5 weight has to make it heavier still remains to be seen, however.

With both consoles coming out at the tail end of this year, hopefully we can see exactly what all is in both consoles to make them weigh so much, and how whatever technology is inside them can help them both to run great games.

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