PS5 Slim Reportedly Only 5cm Smaller, Not Very Different From Current Variant

An independent software developer has given a brief description of what might be an early version of the Playstation 5 Slim.

A supposed independent software developer has leaked a brief description of what is supposedly the Playstation 5 Slim onto Twitter today. From what they say, it seems like the PS5 Slim isn’t even really that “Slim”, despite the name. However, no actual video or images have come with this description yet. Guy with the information did reveal that he has a video as well. Whether we will get to see that video or not is another discussion.

The developer (mostly making tools and utilities), who goes by @BwE_Dev on Twitter, described the PlayStation 5 Slim as being five centimeters or so shorter than the normal Playstation 5, and not much thinner. The disc drive is also less curved than the normal one, which he claims “looks weird”. Two black slits are also on each side of the case, with two USB-C ports on the front. Finally, the face buttons are embossed on the rear.

While, again, there’s no guarantee that BwE either saw the full thing or that it was an early prototype design, so far it seems like the PS5 Slim is going to be imitating the odd shape of the original Playstation 5. The shape got a large amount of commentary for its odd, flaring design, especially after the fairly similar designs of past Playstation consoles.

There’s also been debate on whether or not we’ll actually get any variants of the Playstation 5 to begin with. Back in January, Insider Gaming head Tom Henderson expressed doubt that we’d be getting a PlayStation 5 Pro or a Playstation 5 Slim at all.

“Slim” consoles are just that, slimmed-down versions of consoles that are less powerful, but are also cheaper and take up less space. The Xbox Series S, for instance, is a great deal thinner than the large black minifridge that is the Xbox Series X, and also noticeably smaller.

The last split-off console that Sony put in the Playstation line was the Playstation 4 Pro, which had greater graphical power than the original PlayStation 4 and was also noticeably bigger. This may be the reason why Sony’s supposed design for the Playstation 5 Slim isn’t very good.

There are various other bits of concept art that show what a Playstation 5 Slim might look like, but the gap between the concept and the actual result can often be quite jarring. We’ll just have to wait and see when Sony Interactive Entertainment actually unveils the PlayStation 5 Slim.

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