Studio Wildcard: PlayStation 4 Pro Performance Is Equivalent Of A $900 PC

Developers have been praising the power of PlayStation 4 Pro ever since its launch and now more and more developers are bringing their games to the upgraded console. Ark Survival Evolved is another game coming to both PS4 and PlayStation 4 Pro and Studio Wildcard is very impressed by the PlayStation 4 Pro performance.

Speaking with WCCFTech, Lead Programmer and Co-Founder Jeremy Stieglitz discussed the release of Ark Survival Evolved on PlayStation 4. When asked what he thinks about the upgraded console as a developer, he responded that he is very impressed by PlayStation 4 Pro performance.

Very impressed with its performance, at a very reasonable price. We estimate it would cost at least $900 to build a similarly powerful PC, and that’s if you were custom-building it with extreme cost control. We estimate its raw GPU performance is similar to an NVIDIA 970, and along with CPU improvements and overall more memory, it’s a really high benchmark for console performance. Hats off to Sony for “crossing the Rubicon” of console hardware updates.

He also revealed that Ark Survival Evolved will be targeting 30-45 FPS on PlayStation 4 and will run on 680p or 720p resolutions depending on player’s choice. As for PlayStation 4 Pro, the developer said that they are targeting 60 FPS at 720p and 30-60 FPS at 1080p this also depends on player’s choice.

He also touched the subject of Cross-Play between PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. According to Stieglitz, currently they are just targeting the “PS4 to PC and Xbox One to PC” but they are certainly going to try for Cross Play between the consoles.

Ark Survival Evolved is an action-adventure survival game in development at Studio Wildcard. The game is currently in early access for PC, Xbox One and is expected to launch in December 2016.

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