PS5 Features Built-In VR Functionality That Tracks Player Movement Without External Device

PS5 features built-in VR funtioality that lets it track player movement without an external device. It seems Sony is working on PSVR 2.

PS5 Features built-in VR feature if a patent is any indication. The patent was spotted earlier with inside out motion tracking. It tracks your finger movements through two bracelets. The patent confirmed that PS5 won’t need an external device to track these bracelets. PlayStation VR 2 headset and two bracelets are all you need to experience VR on PS5.

The wearable devices feature two rotatable cameras that track your finger movements. The device will sync with your PSVR2 and PS5 at the same time while playing VR titles.

The patent was filed by Sony Interactive Entertainment on October 11. However, it is to be noted that Sony files similar patents for VR all the time so nothing may materialize from this.

The idea seems pretty similar to Kinect that tracks the player’s movements. The concept didn’t work too well for Kinect. Microsoft left Kinect 2.0 behind after originally bundling it with Xbox One as well.

PlayStation 5 is expected to change the way VR works with motion tracking if this patent is any indication. Creating a more immersive experience with motion controls sounds like a good idea but its implementation is the key.

Sony is rumored to announce its new console in early 2019 before showing the machine at E3 2019. Industry gurus still believe Sony won’t release its new console before 2021 which is 3-years from now.

VR gaming is the future, at least a big part of the future. Sony’s PlayStation VR saw tremendous success so it makes business sense for Sony to release PSVR 2. PS5 should pack enough power to support PSVR 2 on its own. An external processing unit used by PlayStation VR won’t be a thing anymore.

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