PS4 vs Xbox One Sales: Microsoft Touches 20 Million a Year After Sony

In the PS4 vs Xbox One competition, Microsoft is lagging behind a whole year; 20 million Xbox Ones have been sold now, a year after PS4 managed to do that.

Looks like the PS4 vs Xbox One battle is turning one-sided as far as sales victories are concerned. While at one hand analysts are predicting that the sales of PS4 are going to be as humongous as 69 million by the end of 2019, Microsoft has apparently only just touched 20 million in Xbox One sales.

Back in April 2015 it was reported that Sony had managed to sell 20 million PS4s, a number that had gone up to 35 million by January this year.

It is also worth noting that at the same time when we were told about 35 million PS4 being sold, the estimated number of Xbox One sales were only 18 million.

According to this, the new EEDAR statistics are suggesting that Microsoft has managed to sell another two million consoles in the past quarter. This also compares to approximately 37 million PS4 units that have been sold.

If this trend continues, we will soon stop discussing the PS4 vs Xbox One wars for good since the distance in sales between the two consoles will make it a lopsided equation.

Another interesting detail that has been shared by EEDAR is that the promotional activities being held by in-store retailers for both the platforms show heavy investments in promoting the Xbox One.

The amount of money being spent on promoting Microsoft’s console at physical retailers (Target, Best Buy, GameStop, Walmart and Toys R’ Us included) is at least double that of the promotions being held for PS4.

If this is true, we can easily say that a considerable share out of that 20 million also is due to to the promotions being held to boost Xbox One hardware sales – something that is not being done equally for PS4.

Is the PS4 vs Xbox One fan squabble settled?

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