PS4 Sales to Reach 69 Million and Xbox One 39 Million by 2019

PS4 Sales to Reach 69 million and Xbox one 39 by 2019.This report comes from a Wargaming`s presentation from Game developer conference.

Every console gamer knows that PS4 has outsold Xbox One this generation by a hefty. Now a new report has emerged that PS4 is to reach 69 million units and Xbox one 39 by 2019.

This report comes from the Game Developer Conference Presentation from World of Tanks developer Wargaming’s creative director and Executive producer, TJ Wagner.

In the presentation Wagner claimed that there are almost 36 million active PS4 units in the market, and claimed that Xbox One has almost 19 million active units in the market.

Sources for Xbox One stats are SuperData, IDG Consulting and IHS,  but these stats are not official but come from market analyzers.

If we talk about the official stats, Sony Stated in January that PS4 has sold nearly 36 million systems worldwide. As far as Xbox one is concerned, Microsoft has not released any official statement regarding the units sold worldwide. But a report surfaced few months ago, that Xbox one has 18 million units active worldwide, though the report is not official and was not confirmed by Microsoft.

Back in 2015 Xbox boss Phil Spencer shared his thoughts regarding Sony’s lead. He said that Sony’s lead in the current generation console market was so huge, that he was not sure himself that Microsoft would ever be able to catch up to them.

He also stated back in 2015 :

We’re not motivated by beating Sony, we’re motivated by gaining as many customers as we can.

TJ Wagner’s presentation is now public.

So what are your thoughts on the report?  Will both console reach said numbers by 2019? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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