PS4 Name Change Feature Enters Preview Program

Sony constantly rolls out firmware updates for its flagship console, PS4. While Sony has just released the PS4 FIrmware update 6.02 but, the company is already sending out invites for PS4 Firmware Update 6.10 preview.

PS4 Firmware Update 6.10 is the upcoming software update for the console that will allow users to change their Online ID. Meaning those who will be invited to preview the PS4 Firmware Update 6.10 will get to test PS4 name change feature.

Not only that, Sony has noted that it will be making changes depending on the user feedback. So those of you invited, be sure to leave your feedback on forums.

It is unknown if the PS4 Firmware Update 6.10 will bring any feature other than Online ID change. We will know for sure when Sony will roll out the update publically.

This comes following Firmware update 6.02 created problems for a lot of PS4 users.

These PS4 problems ranged from no audio to console crash. One Reddit user has reported that following PS4 Software Update 6.02, he is experiencing screen flickering.

Speaking of PS4, the console it almost at the end of its life cycle. However, a report has emerged suggesting that Sony has an unannounced PS4 exclusive to announce before PS5’s launch.

According to the report, the unannounced PS4 exclusive will be a proper first-party title and won’t be a PSVR game. It will be interesting to see what Sony will bring.

Not only that, Sony has also confirmed that PS5 is already in development.  According to Sony president and CEO Kenichiro Yoshida, the company has plans for PS5. He also admitted that working on a PlayStation 5 has become “necessary”.

According to Financial Times, Sony is planning to release a tablet that will connect to multiple devices.

“As online streaming of games becomes more widespread and the company seeks to derive ever greater synergies between its games and movie divisions.”

Source: ResetEra

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