Leaker Gives Information On Sony’s Project Spartacus, PSVR 2

Nate the Hate has given some for-now unconfirmed information about Sony's rumored upcoming Project Spartacus, a Game Pass equivalent.

Many recent rumors have been floating around about Sony’s upcoming plans for online services and hardware. Now, on the latest Nate the Hate podcast, the eponymous insider has given a good bit of information related to Sony’s rumored upcoming Project Spartacus, along with a bit more information on Playstation VR 2.

From what little Nate has learned, it doesn’t seem that the Playstation VR 2 will be backwards compatible due to tech issues, and he believes that the headset will launch somewhere between September and October, before the holiday timeframe, though of course nothing is confirmed yet.

Spartacus, on the other hand, will apparently be Sony’s long-awaited answer to Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass system. Supposedly, according to Nate, it will be merging the Playstation Now service into Playstation Plus, and will supposedly be more like the Nintendo Switch Online service, but better.

According to Nate, along with Playstation 4 games, 100 Playstation 1 games will also be available on the service alongside some Playstation 3 games, though Nate didn’t bring up any actual numbers for such things on Project Spartacus. Playstation 2 and Playstation Portable games will be coming later to ensure quality.

Despite all of this, however, it’s currently unconfirmed whether or not players will actually be able to buy legacy games in order to be able to play them away from the service. Nate has supposedly heard rumors of that, but doesn’t know for sure. It’s also unconfirmed whether or not you’ll need to be subscribed to Spartacus in order to buy these games.

Big day 1 releases of huge games like God of War and The Last Of Us will also not be done in Project Spartacus, though smaller indie games will apparently be added. The big games may come at a later time, or Sony might keep them off of the service in order to ensure they get good revenue from buying them.

Whether or not any of this news is actually true remains to be seen, especially since this is all things that Nate says as a supposed insider. In order to see if anything similar to Xbox Game Pass is actually coming for Sony, we’ll likely have to wait for an official announcement, which Nate believes will happen sometime this fiscal year April and June.

If you want to watch the podcast to hear this speculation for yourself, you can find it by following this link.

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