“Project Scorpio and PlayStation 5 Will Be Able To Provide Photorealistic Graphics”, says Climax Studios

Recently, there has been a lot of talk about Project Scorpio, PlayStation 5 and the power level that next-gen consoles will be able to achieve.

Even Jamie Fisher, Climax Studios’ producer, has discussed the question during an interview with GamingBolt.

Fisher has stated that photorealism is an inevitability. The industry is now focused on increasing the power of the gaming hardware, and this path will lead companies to create games with an impressive graphic fidelity.

I don’t care about what’s in the box, I’m more interested in the games. So my wish for the next hardware iterations is just that people keep making good stuff for them. Photorealism, however, is an inevitability. If we keep increasing the power of our gaming hardware, which is something we 100% will continue to do, we’ll eventually reach a level where the visuals of a game are capable of photorealism; whether it’s the next generation or not. But, for me, it’s not something that I’m all that drawn to. I would personally prefer a game with a well-made or interesting or cohesive aesthetic over one that looked real.

But Fisher was not the only one to talk about Project Scorpio and upcoming consoles.

Even Monolith Productions, the team currently working on Middle-Earth: Shadow Of War, has shared their own point of view.

Since Shadow of War will be released for Scorpio too, Monolith has already had a glimpse of what the console can do and they are very impressed with it. They stated to be “very excited to be working with Microsoft”, and they think that their game will look extremely good on Scorpio.

Project Scorpio is going to be released sometime in 2017, while Middle-Earth: Shadow Of War will launch for consoles and PC on August 22nd.