Project Magnum Will Have An Improved Grappling Hook

There are plans in motion to improve the grappling hook of Project Magnum to provide players with additional options for traversal and combat.

Speaking with SegmentNext in a recent interview, Nat Games CEO Yonghyun Park stated that the grappling hook “can be used on all backgrounds and objects” in Project Magnum. Hence, players should not be concerned with the grappling hook only responding to certain or pre-defined areas in the game.

Park continued that the grappling hook was specially designed to allow players “to experience speed and a wide range of mobility,” a goal which actually made the level designing of Project Magnum fairly difficult. The developer though “chose to embody it to provide a better play experience.”

In the current state of the game, the grappling hook can only be used to traverse the environment but the developer has plans to “expand its usage.”

Right now, the grappling hook is mainly used for moving around the field and battles against the boss, but we also have a plan to expand its usage. I can say that we plan to combine different elements, in the most organic way possible, to provide new experiences to gamers.

Park never clarified how the grappling hook will actually be improved down the road. Since Project Magnum remains in active development and without a release date, any new gameplay mechanics are probably going to be shared once development reaches its final stages.

Park also pointed out that while Project Magnum can be compared to a number of other looter shooters out there, the game actually “singles out” gameplay elements that blend well with the concept of the game.

It might sound like we are scavenging for ideas, but that’s not the case. We are looking into and collecting various play elements that can be applied to third-person shooters and singling out the ones that blend in well with the concept of Project Magnum.

We are also cautious that these elements won’t interfere with the consistency of the game. This is how the gigantic boss, various skills, and the grappling hook from the teaser video came out.

Project Magnum will be featuring a live service model but players have been assured that there will be no pay-to-win microtransactions or a loot box-dependent progression.

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