Prey 2: Neuroshock Supposedly In Development At Arkane, Says Leak

A leak on Twitter claims that a sequel to Prey entitled Prey 2: Neuroshock is being developed by Arkane Studios' Austin branch.

A leak from the Twitter account @Onion00048 has claimed that a new Prey game is currently in development at Arkane Studios’ Austin branch. The rumored game, titled Prey 2: Neuroshock, supposedly began development in 2019 and will be coming out after the game we do know Arkane is currently developing, called Redfall.

Prey, a reboot of the original game from 2006 developed by Human Head Studios, focuses on a protagonist named Morgan Yu as they travel the space station called Talos One in order to stop a race of alien creatures known as the Typhon from escaping from the station and onto Earth. Prey 2 will supposedly be a shorter experience than that game, and will actually take place on Earth, after the post-credits scene of the first game.

Prey quickly won a great deal of praise not just for its story but the sense of paranoia that came from the Typhon, who were able to mimic a large variety of objects on the station and thus could ambush you from anywhere. While the leak on Prey 2: Neuroshock doesn’t have any real details, hopefully Arkane can recapture that sense of paranoia. The studio had previously announced Austin was working on a new game in October, so it might indeed be Prey.

Considering that Prey was one of the best games of 2017 when it released, it’s likely that if Arkane Austin can capture that same sort of feeling that they did in the old game, Neuroshock (if it exists) can be something truly great too, especially on the Playstation 5 and Xbox Series X. Along with its story and sense of paranoia, Prey also had amazing graphics and visuals, which could only be made better on current-gen consoles.

If Prey 2: Neuroshock actually exists, hopefully it will be just as good, if not better, than its predecessor. Until we know more, however, we’ll have to keep on the lookout for anything Bethesda announces at any upcoming gaming event, whether it’s the Game Awards on December 9 or something next year. In the meantime, Arkane Austin’s new game Redfall will be coming to Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and PC sometime next year.

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