Arkane Studios’ Vampire-Themed “Omen” IP Rumored For E3 2021

The word on the street is that Arkane Studios has been steadily working on a new project code-named Omen which may be revealed soon.

The word on the street is that developer Arkane Studios has been steadily working on a new project code-named Omen which could potentially be closer to launch than expected.

According to a rumor from ResetEra last week, Omen has been in the active pipelines of Arkane Studios Austin for a while now. The new fantasy game will apparently feature vampires in a dark and eerie setting.

Furthermore, there stands a chance that Arkane Studios announces Omen at the upcoming all-digital Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) next month. The reason being that the vampire-themed game has reportedly been pegged for a release in spring 2022 which makes it all the more likely for an announcement to take place at either E3 2021 or in the months to follow.

That being said, vampire-fans should not expect the reveal trailer to contain any gameplay footage. Much like how Deathloop was revealed, Arkane Studios is said to be revealing Omen with a CGI trailer with gameplay footage to arrive later on.

Arkane Studios, best known for its Dishonored franchise, is currently finishing up Deathloop for a release on PlayStation 5 and PC on September 14, 2021. The release accounts for a one-year console exclusivity deal between Bethesda Softworks and Sony Interactive Entertainment. Hence, Deathloop will only land on Xbox Series X in fall 2022.

However, the release plans of Omen are likely to be fairly different. Microsoft acquired parent company ZeniMax Media last year which brings Bethesda as well as its subsidiaries like Arkane Studios under the Xbox Game Studios banner. Hence, Omen should be releasing exclusively on Xbox Series X and PC. Whether Microsoft allows for a similar one-year console exclusivity deal to cater PlayStation fans remains to be seen.

E3 2021 takes place from June 12 to June 15 as a four-day-long livestream which will be available to watch online for free.

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