Did Bethesda Just Tease Prey 2 in DOOM Eternal?

Bethesda Softworks may have just teased the revival of Prey 2 in the newly released DOOM Eternal. Players recently spotted an Easter egg relating to the canceled Prey sequel in the latest DOOM game.

A recent ResetEra thread just pointed out that there was a Prey 2 Easter egg in DOOM Eternal. This Easter egg was spotted in the form of a book title on the Slayer’s shelf. The title of this particular book is: “2 Prey or Not 2 Prey”. This suggests that Bethesda Softworks is contemplating the return of the Prey franchise.

If you are unaware, Prey 2 is the canceled sequel to the original Prey game released in 2006. 3D Realms announced Prey 2 in 2006. However, the game’s rights were transferred to Bethesda Softworks who announced their rendition of the Prey sequel in early 2011.

Unfortunately, no news came out of the game’s development and Bethesda formally canceled the game in 2014. According to Bethesda’s marketing VP, the Prey sequel got canceled because it wasn’t shaping up to be the way they wanted it to.

Bethesda Softworks announced a reboot of the original Prey game in 2016 which was released in 2017.

The remake received a positive reception but it didn’t have anything to do with Prey 2. Interviews with Prey developers revealed that the canceled sequel had a mind-boggling plot twist but it was too confusing according to Bethesda.

This recent Easter egg in DOOM Eternal does look like Bethesda still hasn’t forgotten about the Prey franchise. It looks like they are still on the edge on whether to make a Prey sequel on not.

Some fans think that this is just a reference and that it doesn’t mean anything. According to them, Bethesda would have gone ahead with a Prey sequel already if they wanted to. Whatever the case may be, at least the franchise hasn’t left Bethesda’s mind. Fans of the franchise are hopeful that this Easter egg means the development of Prey 2.