Pokemon X and Y Rideable Pokemon Locations Guide

Everything you need to know about Rideable Pokemon in Pokemon X and Y and where you can find them.

There are a total of five Pokemon in Pokemon X and Y which can be used to ride to distant places. All these Pokemon are found in some particular areas and these can only be ridden in those areas.

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Pokemon X and Y Ride-able Pokemon

Gogoat is the first ride-able Pokemon which can be found in Lumiose City. You are just required to pay $200 to get away on a circuit of the whole city. The only catch is that you will NOT be able to control the Pokemon.

Rhyhorn is found in Route #9 which can be controlled by the player. You will have to visit Rocky Terrain in order to find this Pokemon. Rhyhorn has the ability to break through obstacles in your path; you just need to press ‘A’ and it will smash it.

Although it can break through objects, you can’t use this Pokemon during battles.

Lapras can be found near the water which can be used to surf on. However, the Lapras needs to know HM Surf before you could start riding it. Soon after you obtain the HM Surf, you will encounter a character on Route #9 who will ask you to take his Lapras for him.

Skiddo can be found on Route #12 on a spread full of them. You will be able to ride anyone of those in the surrounding areas except for the staircase.

This Pokemon is found in Kalos region. Mamoswine is somewhat like Rhyhorn in many different aspects. It can be used to cross the snowy terrain. Along with this, it can smash through rocks and obstacles.

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