How To Make Easy Money In Pokemon X and Y?

Money makes the world go round in Pokemon X and Y and there several ways to earn easy money in the game. We share how here.

Making Money and/or Pokedollars in Pokémon X and Y can be a tedious task and if you’re constantly running out of this commodity, this guide is for you. In the game, there are several ways you can make easy money; some are based on in-game items found in the game, while others are more exploitative.

In this guide, we’ll explore the five ways you can make easy money fast in Pokemon X and Y. We’ll also go over the cheat code you can use to acquire unlimited money in the game. Without wasting any more time, let’s get into it.

1. Use Amulet Coins

Pokemon X and Y easy money

Amulet Coins are a sure way to earn big bucks with each fight. All you need to do is to make your Pokémon hold this item while it participates in the battle and it will allow you to double the prize money for that particular fight.

The Amulet Coin can be found in the Parfum Palace on Route #6. However, you will NOT have to go find it since the main storyline requires you to visit this place. However, you must know that other money-enhancing items, such as Luck Incense, do not stack.

2. Use O Powers

Prize Money Power has a total of three levels, with each level the amount of money earned by winning Trainer Battles by a considerable amount. However, at any given level, this power only lasts for 180 seconds.

Prize Money Power is obtained in Cyllage City Hotel on the second floor. The first level of this power increases the prize money by 50%, while the second level increases the prize money by two folds. As for the third level, we don’t know of it as of yet.

The cost stats of each power are given below:

  • Level 1 PMP – 4 Points (Can be used three times continuously)
  • Level 2 PMP – 5 Points (Can be used two times continuously)
  • Level 3 PMP – 6 Points (Unknown as of yet)

You can also make your Pokémon hold Amulet Coin to maximize the amount generated.

PMP can be accessed from the Player Search System and by selecting O Powers. You will then be asked to select the level of your choice and either use the ability on your friend or use it on yourself.

3. Issue a Writ of Invitation

The next thing you want to do is to get to Battle Chateau on Route #7. There, you will find several trainers waiting for you. These trainers constantly get replaced by new ones once you beat them.

But you need to issue a Writ of Invitation, which will cost you about $50,000, but you will spawn a large number of trainers. These fights tend to provide you with an insane amount of easy money with the basic ones getting you $1500 in Pokemon X and Y.


Writ of Invitation remains available until midnight of the day you get it issued by the worker.

The trainers will begin disappearing once you beat them. However, if you return after a short while, they will be replaced by new ones. Spamming this technique can get you about $3,000,000 daily as the fights are relatively easy.

Once again, you can make your Pokémon hold an Amulet Coin and use PMP to increase the total amount of prize money.

4. Use Random Tactics

You can use Prize Money Power inside a Gym to increase the cash earned for completing each Gym. In these Gyms, you will come across several trainers before getting to the Gym Leader who gets you a lot of money.

As mentioned before, it does not matter whether you leave the Battle Chateau area while you have a Writ of Invitation activated once you have beaten all the trainers and come back later.

It is always a good idea to avoid those random encounters while you activate your O Powers to avoid wasting them. Once your PMP regenerates, you can go hunting for new Pokémon.

Once you get to the Battle Chateau, search for some old people, activate your PMP, and stomp all over them to earn an insane amount of easy money in Pokemon X and Y.

Using the different combinations of PMP, Amulet Coin, and Luck Incense – you can earn a good amount of cash:

5. Go to Le WOW Restaurant

Pokemon X and Y easy money

This trick takes place in Le WOW restaurant and requires you to have at least $100,000, Luck Incense, and an Amulet Coin.

In Le WOW, each meal will cost you around $100,000, so I asked you to have at least this much readily available. After you enter the restaurant, you need to enter the Double Battle Mode and get your one Pokémon to hold either an Amulet Coin or a Luck Incense.

After a battle, you will be rewarded with some Ultra Rare Balm Mushrooms (Around 20), which can then be sold at Poke Marts for a total of about $120,000. Each Mushroom sells for around $6,000. However, you must wait about eight minutes before the next battle. Keep on repeating the process to earn as much as you want! Each battle minus the meal price nets a profit of $30,000.

Not to mention, you get money for the battles themselves. You get $10,000 for the first 2 battles and $4,000 for the last 3 battles without the Amulet Coin.

6. Use the Max Money Cheat

The last thing you can do is use the max money cheat. Do note that using cheat codes requires you to mod the game, so if this is something you’re uncomfortable with, avoid this method and follow the steps we’ve highlighted above. The max money cheats in Pokémon X and Y is:

  • 08C6A69C 0098967F

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