Pokemon X and Y Cheats – Mega Stones, Starter Pokemon, Quickballs

Cheats, Codes, Secrets and Tips that you can help you catch them all in Pokemon X and Y.

The new 3DS Pokemon games are finally here. Pokemon X and Y have a ton of new Pokemon, and we’ve got some tips and cheats you’ll find useful in your journey to catch them all!

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Getting a ‘Starter’ of your choice
In order to do this, you’ll need a full party before you battle the professor. Once you’ve defeated him, the Professor will tell you to send one of your Pokémon to the box to make room for your starter.

At this point, tell him no, and he will hold on to your starter and continue on with the conversation. After regaining control of your character, save the game and return to the professor.

Ask him for your starter, and he will tell you again to make room for it by sending a Pokémon to the box. Send a Pokémon to the box and get yourself a starter at this point.

If you don’t like its nature, simply soft reset the game by holding L + R + Start + Select. Now load your game again and repeat the previous step. Keep doing this over and over until you get the starter you want.

Note: You cannot acquire a different starter later in the game. The Professor will always have the Pokemon you choose at this point in his possession.

Unlocking Torchic with a Blazikenite Mega Stone
Until January 15, 2014, Pokemon players can acquire a special Torchic with a Blazikenite in his possession from Nintendo Network. To get this special Torchic, you’ll have to take the following steps:

  1. Select “Mystery Gift” on the game’s Main Menu
  2. Select “Receive Gift”, select ‘Yes’ when prompted
  3. Choose “Get via Internet”, press ‘Yes’ again when prompted. You will now receive Torchic along with a message saying “The Gift has been received!”.
  4. Speak to a delivery girl in any Pokemon Center to claim your Torchic

The Torchic you’ll get this way has the Hidden Ability Speed Boost, which increases a Pokemon’s speed at the end of every turn. This level 10 Torchic is exceptionally powerful because of it and starts with Scratch, Growl, Focus Energy and Ember.

Additionally, if you miss out on this Torchic, you won’t be able to get the Blazikenite.

Without Blazikenite, you cannot Mega Evolve Blaziken. If you want Mega Blaziken, make sure you get Torchic through Nintendo Network before the 15th of January.

Acquiring 12 Quick Balls
If you bought your copy of Pokemon X or Pokemon Y (or both) from TESCO in the UK, then you’d better start salvaging the package your game came in. It should contain stickers with secret codes on them. Enter these codes within the game and you’ll be awarded with 12 Quick Balls.

These 12 Quick Balls should help you out immensely at the start, allowing you to catch high level wild Pokemon really early in the game.

*Although this is a retailer bonus, we’ve decided to include it in our guide for reference purposes.

Increased Pokemon Storage
If you’re crazy about Pokemon, then you probably do find the game’s Pokemon storage way too small. In order to alleviate storage issues, a new service is being launched called the Pokemon Bank.

For an annual charge of $4.99, you’ll have 100 boxes capable of storing 30 Pokemon each. That’s 3,000 Pokemon storage! The new service will also be compatible with future Pokemon games.

You can also transfer your Pokemon from previous entries in the series using Poké Transporter, a free companion software that you get along with Pokemon Bank.

The transporter can be used free of charge to extract Pokemon from older games and transfer them to a box within your Pokemon Bank. You can then withdraw these Pokemon for use in X and Y through the bank.

The only catch is that once a Pokemon is transferred from an older entry, you cannot send them back into that game.

*We know this isn’t really a cheat but like the previous entry, it’s here as a reference.

With so much content in the two Pokemon games, our guides aren’t quite complete yet. Expect more information in the days to come.

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