Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon Best Starter Pokemon – Stats, Moves, Types and Evolutions

Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon Best Starter Pokemon guide to help you figure out what the best starter Pokemon are for these games.

With the release of pretty much any Pokemon game, the question remains the same, what is the best starter Pokemon? And with the release of Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon, players have the same dilemma. Previously, Pokemon Sun and Moon Starter Pokemon polls were held on Twitter by Nintendo America.

The community voted and gave over 54,000 votes to determine the winner. From the 54,000 votes, 38% went to Fire-type Pokemon Litten, 21% votes nominated water-type Pokemon Popplio but with 41% votes, grass and Flying-type Pokemon Rowlet was chosen as the winner.

However, we need to shake things up a little with Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon. The following Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon best starter Pokemon guide will try to answer the burning question.

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Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon Best Starter Pokemon


  • High Special Attack and Special Defense Stats
  • Debuff Moves, Growl and Charm
  • Weak against Electric and Grass
  • Popplio evolution, Primarina, becomes Fairy / Water, making it effective against Dragon-type Pokemon.
  • Water-type also counters its weakness to Steel-type and Fairy-type Pokemon


  • Balance attack and defense stats
  • Grass and Flying makes it great against water-type Pokemon
  • Effective against Totem Pokemon, and in early Trials
  • Evolves to Decidueye, making it Grass / Ghost type Pokemon, effective against Psychic-type Pokemon
  • Ghost-type Move, Spirit Shackle is useful in catching Wild Pokemon


  • High base stats for attack and speed
  • Evolves into Incineroar, Dark / Fire-type Pokemon with powerful Dark-type attacks and signature-move, Darkest Lariat.
  • Darkest Lariat boosts Incineroar’s raw physical damage and speed stat
  • Litten is pretty effective during Mallow’s Trial, against Totem Pokemon Lurantis

Popplio is great for the main storyline but it can also do goof against late-game enemies due to good type matchup. But we recommend going with Rowlet. Rowlet’s strength lies in its ability to take damage which shows with high HP. It gets Ghost Typing when it turns into Decidueye. It can cause neutral damage to Ampharos and Tropius. Meanwhile, it can cause super-effective damage to Tyranitar.

You can also go with Litten if you manage to turn it into Incineroar and it gains Dark Typing. Doing this will make him neutral against Volcarona. It can also deal neutral damage to Zoroark, Apmharos, and Manectric. Don’t expect it to do much when face to face with Houndoon as it shares the same type. It is also Type advantageous to Tropius.

These were our Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon Best Starter Pokemon suggestions. If you have your own recommendations for our readers, take to the comments below!

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