Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon Island Scans Locations

Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon Island Scans Locations Guide to help you locate all the Island Scans and unlock Legacy Pokemon from previous games.

Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon Island Scans Locations Guide will help you locate all the Scans Locations to catch Pokemon. These Pokemon include Charmander, Squirtle, Bulbasaur, etc.

You activate Island Scans after accumulating QR Code points. Scanning QR Codes should reward you with 10-20 points. You should be able to complete an Island Scan after accumulating 100 QR Code points. Depending on the day of the week, you should be able to find Legacy Pokemon.

After activating an Island Scan, you will have an hour to catch the Pokemon. We highly recommend using Repel in order to avoid unnecessary encounters.

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Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon Island Scans Locations

As mentioned earlier, you can find specific Pokemon during specific days. You can find a complete list of Pokemon that you can find on specific days.

Island Scans


  • Bulbasaur = Route 2
  • Grovyle = Route 5
  • Monferno = Route 11
  • Greninja = Poni Wilds


  • Litwitck = Hau’oli City Cemetery
  • Marshtomp = Brooklet Hill
  • Axew = Mount Hokulani
  • Delphox = Ancient Poni Path


  • Charmander = Route 3
  • Ralts = Route 6
  • Rhyhorn = Blush Mountain
  • Eelektross = Poni Grove


  • Squirtle = Seaward Cave
  • Spheal = Route 7
  • Swinub = Tapu Village
  • Aggron = Poni Plains


  • Onix = Ten Karat Hill
  • Combusken = Route 8
  • Prinplup = Route 16
  • Rotom = Poni Gauntlet


  • Horsea = Kala’e Bay
  • Honedge = Akala Outskirts
  • Grotle = Ula’ula Meadow
  • Leavanny = Poni Meadow


  • Scatterbug = Hau’oli City
  • Beedrill = Route 4
  • Pidgeot = Route 10
  • Chesnaught = Exeggutor Island

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