Pokemon Sword and Shield Turffield Riddle Puzzle Solution Guide

Don't forget to solve the Turffield riddle when you enter the town by using our Pokemon Sword and Shield guide for the puzzle

In Sword and Shield, as you walk into Turffield to take on the Turffield gym and claim your Gym badge, you will notice a girl standing at the side near a marked pillar. The girl is adamant at solving a family riddle that has not been figured out for generations. She asks you for help in solving said riddle, which can be quite confusing. We have compiled this Pokemon Sword and Shield Turffield Riddle Puzzle Solution Guide to help you with the puzzle.

Pokemon Sword and Shield Turffield Riddle Puzzle Solution

If you happen to solve the Turffield puzzle; you will be rewarded, but if you are a little confused as to where you need to go, we have brought this guide to you so that you may claim your reward.

The girl will offer you a clue, and ask you to solve it:

Seek yourself three standing stones, with Grass before the other ones. Use well that Strength, and find then the strength of its strength in the end. Dally not, if you’ve a mind to find what time has left behind.

The clue indicates certain stones found in the town, you will need to interact with them in the following order, each stone’s precise location is described below to help you complete the Turffield puzzle.

Grass Stone
The riddle is talking about certain standing stones found in the town, each with a different type. The first statement clearly says that you need to find the Grass stone first and foremost.

Head to the flower shop, and then head west. You should see the grass stone, so just interact with it.

Water Stone
You will find that “Water” is carved into the Grass stone, so naturally, make your way back to the girl and walk down the nearest slope and take the right turn.

You will find the Water Stone next to the old man. Interact with it, and then following the pattern, go to the next stone, which would be Fire, because Water is strong against fire.

Fire Stone
For the Fire Stone, head to the other side of town, that is East of the town, next to the river.

Once you have interacted with all three stones, you will find an Expert Belt, which makes Super-Effective moves even more enhanced.

Once all stones are interacted with, the riddle is pretty much figured out, and you solved a perplexed girl’s question and a long-lasting family problem. Neat!

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