How to Catch Suicune in Pokemon Sword and Shield, Locations and Stats

Suicune is one of the latest additions to Sword and Shield and this Pokemon Sword and Shield Suicune guide will help you identify its locations and how to catch this legendary Pokemon.

Suicune has been added to Sword and Shield with the release of the Crown Tundra DLC which brings a number of new legendaries such as Galarian Articuno.

Pokemon Sword and Shield Suicune

Suicune is a water type Aurora Pokemon which means that it is strong when facing Steel, Fire, Water, or Ice type Pokemon and will be weak against Grass and Electric type Pokemon.

Suicune in Crown Tundra has both Normal and Shiny variants.

Base Stats

HP  100
Atk  75
Def  115
Sp. Atk  90
Sp. Def  115
Speed  85
Total Base Stats 580

How to Catch Suicune

You get a chance to capture Suicune in newly introduced Dynamax Adventure mode of the Crown Tundra DLC.

On your first Dynamax adventure you’ll face off against a Dynamaxed Suicune boss and can capture it during this fight.

Don’t worry if you fail this fight as its location will be recorded and you can try again. You can catch the Suicune easily with any Pokeball as it has a 100% success chance.

How to Evolve Suicune

Being a legendary Pokemon, Suicune has no evolution in Crown Thunder DLC.


  • Pressure (Normal): This ability will increase the enemy’s PP usage.
  • Inner Focus (Hidden): This ability will make Suicune immune to flinching.

Type Defenses

  • Neutral: x damage
  • Fire: 0.5x damage
  • Water: 0.5x damage
  • Electric: 2x damage
  • Grass: 2x damage
  • Ice: 0.5x damage
  • Steel: 0.5x damage