Pokemon Sword and Shield Stow-on-Side Walkthrough

Learn about the town of Stow on Side as you venture there to take on the local gym in Pokemon Sword and Shield and collect stuff

After you complete your adventure through the Route 5, you move to the town of Stow on Side on Route 6. Here we have for you the complete Pokemon Sword and Shield Stow-on-Side Walkthrough including the wild Pokemon, hidden items etc. We also have a Stow-on-Side gym walkthrough for you to check out.

Pokemon Sword and Shield Stow-on-Side Walkthrough

Encounters and Shops
When you reach Stow on Side, head into the Pokemon Center and talk to the man on your left side. He will give you two Fossilized Drake for no particular reason. If you wish, you can use these with the Professor on Route 6.

On the left side of the Pokemon center, there are two shops set up by identical twins. The one on the right will sell you a special or hard to obtain item while the guy on the left will request an item and pay out a decent amount of cash for it. Both will change when the day changes.

For example, one day there will be Mystic Water on sale for $3,000 and a $30,000 reward for bringing a Comet Shard. The next day, there will be some other items. You can preview the next item on sale by hitting “Next bargain” in the menu.

On the left side buildings in Stow on Side, walk around and climb up to the roof. There will be a man sitting there who is willing to exchange the Pokemon Maractus for a Hatenna if you have one.

After this is done, head downstairs and talk to Hop who is standing nearby. He will challenge you to a battle with his new Pokemons, Cramorant, Drizzile/Thwackey/Raboot, Toxel and Silicobra.

A fight will ensue and bam! Hop will be defeated again. When Hop’s been defeated, Opal will show up again and thank you for letting her watch your battle. She’ll give you Allister’s league card, who is the gym leader you’ll be facing next.

Wild Pokemon
Following wild pokemon can be found around Stow on Side area on Route 6. These are found in the long grass in the area.

Pokemon Location
Hippopotas Route 6
Torkoal Route 6
Goldeen Route 6 pond
Dugtrio Route 6
Greedent Route 6
Maractus Route 6

Items and their locations
The following Items can be found around Stow on Side at Route 6.

Item Location
Ultra Ball x3 Route 6
Fossilized Dino x2 Route 6
Light Clay Route 6
TM15 Dig Route 6
Rare Bone x2 Route 6
TM30 Steel Wing Route 6
Dusk Stone Behind the Pokemon Center.
Metal Coat Roof of the House to the east.
TM74 Venoshock Roof of the house to the west.
X Sp. Atk x2 Left of the old man and backpacker talking.
League Card (Bea / Allister) From Opal after defeating Hop.
TM06 Fly House on the left.
Cracked Pot On the roof of the house on the road leading to Stow on side stadium
TM42 Revenge After winning Stow on Side gym challenge.
Revive x2 From Sonia at Stow on Side Mural.
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