Pokemon Sword and Shield Razor Claw Location Guide

Razor Claw is an item that is held by a Pokemon. This sharply hooked claw increases the holder’s critical hit ratio. In the case of Sneasel, it is also required to evolve Sneasel into Weavile. Here we will give you Pokemon Sword and Shield Razor Claw Location to help you in fights or evolution.

If you have progressed enough in the game and have reached a higher level, then when Sneasel holds the Razor Claw at night time, he is going to evolve into Weavile.

Pokemon Sword and Shield Razor Claw Location

To find Razor Claw in the game, there are various locations you can go to and try to find it.

The first location is in the Wild Area. Go to the small island in the middle of the Dusty Bowl area on the Water Rotom Bike. Chances are of finding only one Razor Claw in that area but something is better than nothing. Go and pick up your Razor Claw.

The second location is of the merchant who is found in Stow on Side. They change their wares once a day so you have to visit there at least once every day in chances that they might be selling a Razor Claw. Go and talk to them and they will take you through all the sales they have for the day.

They will also show you the items from the previous day so even if you missed a day, you still have the chance to get the Razor Claw.

The third and final location that we have found is the Battle Points Store. Unfortunately, you cannot go here until you finish the game at least once. After you have finished the game story once, you can go to the Battle Tower to compete against Pokemon.

This is going to earn you Battle Points. You need 10 Battle Points for one Razor Claw. Once you have earned them, you can go to the Battle Point Store in order to purchase Razor Claws.

Go to these locations and try your luck in finding the Razor Claw for the evolution of your Pokemon.