Pokemon Sword and Shield Prism Scale Location Guide

Learn how and where to find the Prism Scale with the help of our Pokemon Sword and Shield Prism Scale Location guide to evolve your pokemon

Prism Scale is your key to evolution when it comes to certain pokemon, which is a small item that you need to execute in a proper way in order to achieve faithful evolution. So here in this Pokemon Sword and Shield Prism Scale Location guide, we are going to cover the complete detail about what a Prism Scale is, how it is used and where to find it.

Pokemon Sword and Shield Prism Scale Location

How about evolving your Feebas into a Milotic, which is considered the most beautiful of all the Pokemon and has enormous abilities of hostility and anger to quell rough feuding? Interested? Well, you are going to need Prism Scale for this evolution.

Basically, Prism Scale is an item which you will find in the game (location described later in this guide) and you can use it to evolve your Feebas into a Milotic, which is a very beautiful version of Pokemon and possesses hostility and anger capabilities.

As everybody is attracted to a beautiful Pokemon, so hence ever since the Shiny Pokemon has stepped in, Pokemon Sword & Shield is offering various other types of beautiful Pokemon too, and the Milotic is one of them. However, all the beautiful Pokemon need to be farmed using specific methods, and hence to evolve a Feebas into a Milotic, you need to farm for Prism Scale.

To find a Prism Scale, you need to avail the Rottom Bike’s upgrade which lets you travel across the water. Once you have got it, you need to head towards Route 2 and there, towards the house of the Professor. Once you have reached there, head towards the west side of the house.

You will find water here, which you should cross while riding your Rottom Bike. When you are at the island across the water, you will see a sparkle in the near the piece of land on the North-West side. Ride to it on your bike and you will the Prism Scale there.

Now to use the Prism Scale, you need to trade it with your friend using your Feebas first. As soon as you trade the Feebas to the friend, it will evolve into the Milotic.

Once evolved, you need to ask your friend again to return it to you using a similar trade option. When you get it from the friend, it will be already an evolved Feebas in the shape of a Milotic!

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