Pokemon Sword and Shield Overpowered Pokemon List

This guide will help you figure out the most overpowered pokemon in Pokemon Sword and Shield so you can add it to your roster

In this guide, we will be discussing the strongest Pokemon in Pokemon sword and shield. A lot of people’s minds have questioned which Pokemon could be overpowered in this game and this guide is focused on answering that question. We will not be discussing the overpowered pokemon of the past instead we will only discuss the Pokemon Sword and Shield Overpowered Pokemon. So without further ado let’s get started.

Pokemon Sword and Shield Overpowered Pokemon

This is the pokemon that will help you till the end in all the competitive matches. We have to compare it with Skarmory because that is a well-respected flying type pokemon as well although it doesn’t have spikes and it’s generally less toxic without primary defensive stab with 105 defense and 85 special defense along with some nice HP at 98.

So we can say that this pokemon is pretty solid overall and is able to withstand some tough hits.

This one is a decent new utility Pokemon added in generation 8. It looks to be a solid competitive pick. Its ability sweet veil presents itself and ally pokemon form falling asleep so they can rest easy from not having to fall asleep.

It’s got some really high special defense at 121 and a really nice special attack with 110; so, you can just drop the attack and boost anything you like.

This pokemon seems like a real sleeper pick for this duration; well, I don’t think it’s the sweeper pick for this generation but one thing I know for sure is that it has incredibly high special attacks soaring past even Gengar.

Its highest two stats are special attack at 134 and a special defense at 114 but the 70 speed means that it will still be relying on a few things like slower Pokemon and specific matchups so that it can use those hard-hitting special attacks.

Here’s where the real competitors come into play. Corsola is the new evolution of Galarian Corsola and while it may look like it’s in pain, it’s here to bring the pain.

Corsola has the highest special attack on this list of generation A pokemon; a 145 based special attack. It also has some crazy special defense with a 130 base. The problem here is that it is incredibly low speed.

Inteleon seems like a pretty solid special attacker having 125 in that department with 120 base speed.

It’s a pretty fast slithering lizard thing the pure water typing isn’t too bad and it’s hidden ability sniper can give you some extra oomph on those critical hits.  

It has a few good special attacks to choose from with the ice water and ghost categories.

Drakovish definitely seems like the best out of the four fossil pokemon that you can revive. 

It is only weak to Fairy and other dragons and stashed throughout solid move choices to choose from along with everyone’s favorite brand and physical attack earthquake and even some more bonus damage.

It seems like a well-rounded water dragon pokémon to try out and the highest chance of being decently good out of the four fossils and a solid pick up on its own.

We’ve talked a lot about this being a powerful pickup. The pseudo legendaries always come in strong with their high stats and great typings. Dragapult rockets to the battle with a crazy 142 base-speed and attack at 120.

You don’t really get too much out of its ghost typing in regards to usable moves except phantom force but that’s about it.

Unless you’re splitting off the offensive stats for Shadow Ball; then you’ve got your outrageous and dragon claws and a clean dragon to boot up into battle it’s a definite go-to for competitive battles and could even slide through moves like substitute and light scree with disability infiltrator this is probably the honorary number one.

Darmitan seems like one of the sickest pokemon to pull off. You’ve got your already high attack with a 140  base, solid 95 speed along with some high HP and a chance at the lottery with your fire ice forms and mode boosting the attack to 160 and speed to 135.

You’ve got a ton of moves to juice room both ice and fire along with some other nice physical attacking additions to add in like superpower you could even go full of powerhouse mode.

I decided to place in one legendary Pokemon who seems like the most powerful out of the three.

Zacian with the fairy steel type and insanely high attack of 170 along with the high speed in the game at 148. Zacian looks to be the most powerful Pokemon.

It’s already got some nice defensive stats with an evenly high 115 in defense and special defense but to top it all off its ability intrepid sword gives it an attack boost when entering battles. It is definitely the most powerful pokemon.

This is a Pokemon that has the highest chances to become a real powerhouse from this generation.

The steel dragon is really nice to only be weak to fighting ground type while walling off some incoming threats.

It is a special attacker with 120 in that category and a defense of 115 steadily closing in some good speed some good HP and it walls out quite a bit of Typings.

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