Pokemon Sword and Shield Corsola Locations, How to Catch and Evolve

The sad looking but cute Corsola is the focus of this Pokemon Sword and Shield guide as we provide you its location and how to capture it

There are multiple Pokemon in Pokemon Sword and Shield, that have special regional variants. Corsola is one of those Pokemon in the game. It has more than one form and a majestic final form that can be unlocked at a particular level which we have included in this guide. Be sure to read the whole Pokemon Sword and Shield Corsola Locations guide for some hidden abilities and the locations of this Pokemon.

Pokemon Sword and Shield Corsola Locations

Corsola is a Rock/Water-type Pokemon, mostly located in water. It’s a Pink and cheerful Pokemon and originates from the Galar region of Pokemon.

You can find this adorable creature in the Giant’s Mirror section of the Wild Area, make sure to visit during the overcast weather.

Also, it can be encountered in Max Raid Battles: Giant’s Mirror, Stony Wilderness, Watchtower Ruins.

The Rock/Water type Corsola exclusively belongs to Pokemon Shield. Therefore, you can’t directly capture it if you’re a Sword Player. But you can acquire this exclusive Pokemon by having it traded from Shield.

It has an Egg group Water / Water3 along with an overall 410 Base stat, which includes:

  • Attack: 55
  • Special Attack: 65
  • Defense:100
  • Special Defense:100
  • HP:60
  • Speed:30

Corsola Evolution
Corsola evolves into Cursola at level 38. Keep in mind that the form of Corsola before evolving doesn’t affect the evolution, as this Pokemon has two forms known as Johtonian Form; which is the normal form, and the other is a Galarian Form.

Both of these forms have different types. The Johtonian Form is a Water/Rock type and the Galarian Form is a Ghost-Type. Don’t be shocked if the final form turns out to be pale white from cheerful pink.

Corsola Abilities
In normal form Corsola possesses abilities such as: Hustle, Natural Cure and Regenerator.

Hustler increases the physical damage caused by attacks, by 50% with an 80% precision. Natural cure is quite simple to understand as it heals the status after withdrawing from a battle.

And the last ability is a Regenerator (a hidden ability) which restores its hit points when switched from a battle.

In Galarian Form, Corsola possesses abilities such as: Weak Armor and Cursed Body.

A weak armor increases its speed by two stages when hit by an attack whereas the hidden ability “Cursed Body” allows this Pokemon to disables the move hit, with a 30% possibility

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