Pokemon Sword and Shield Noibat Locations, How to Catch and Evolve

Learn how to capture a Noibat location in Pokemon Sword and Shield and all about its moves and evolutionary forms for you to try out

In Pokemon Sword and Shield, there are many newly inducted Pokemons as well as old one’s that you can catch. There are particular characters that the players impatiently want. Noibat is one of those characters. Noibat is a very hard Pokemon to find due to its rarity. This Pokemon Sword and Shield Noibat Locations guide helps you find its location, base stats along with its evolution.

Pokemon Sword and Shield Noibat Locations

Noibat is a rare spawn Flying/Dragon Type Pokemon found in Galar Mine No. 2 and sometimes you can find them at the Watchtower Ruins, these places are very common for a bat Pokemon, so you’ll find them after roaming around these areas for a while.

Most of the Noibat’s come out from their caves at night; Yes, their caves! as they don’t only look like bats, they are bats, hence the name.

Noibat has an ultrasonic wave ability which helps to detect which fruits are ripened, since Noibat’s are Dragon types so they’re fragile towards Rock, Dragon, Fairy, Ice Type pokemon. This Pokemon is a very rare spawn, it appears once in every ten spawns.

Keep in mind to lower the volume, as Noibat are easy to scare and you can even lose your chance for catching them. Don’t go directly at the poor thing, use steady and baby steps to approach it. Because if you’re seen, it will fly away.

Noibat Abilities
Noibat possesses abilities such as Frisk and Infiltrator. Frisk allows it to check the item held by the opponent, whereas Infiltrator enables it to pass the opponent’s barrier and attack.

Noibat has an overall Base Stat of 245 which includes, Attack: 30, Special Attack: 45, Defense: 35, Special Defense: 40, HP: 40, Speed: 55.

At level 48, you can evolve Noibat into Noivern and thus increase its base stats, get a new appearance and alter abilities.

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