Pokemon Sword and Shield Mareanie Locations, How to Catch and Evolve

Learn how to capture and convert Mareanie into Toxapex with the help of our Pokemon Sword and Shield Mareanie Locations guide

A poisonous sting that causes numbness and irresistible sensation of itching, Mareanie is your water and poison type Pokemon which possesses great characteristics! This Pokemon Sword and Shield Mareanie Locations guide will tell you how to catch it and evolve into Toxapex.

Pokemon Sword and Shield Mareanie Locations

The stats of a Mareanie when it is un-evolved are as follow:

  • 50 HP
  • 53 Attack
  • 62 Defense
  • 43 Special Attack
  • 52 Special Defense
  • 15 Speed

The main characteristics of the Mareanie bloom when it is evolved, so here is the Evolution guide first:

To Evolve a Mareanie into its better version, which is the Toxapex, you need to level up to Level 38.

Once evolved, the Mareanie becomes a dangerous beast and possesses the abilities of being Merciless, Limber and Regenerator. Here is the details:

  • Merciless: Inflicting a critical hit against the poisoned
  • Limber: Cannot be paralyzed!
  • Regenerator: A hidden ability of regenerating health to 1/3 of max HP whenever the Pokemon switches out.

After the evolution of a Mareanie into a Toxapex, its stats are:

  • 50 HP
  • 63 Attack
  • 152 Defense
  • 53 Special Attack
  • 142 Special Defense
  • 35 Speed

Talking about locations where you can find one, fortunately, you can find the Mareanie in various locations around the map.

First of them is the Motostoke Riverbank. There are 25% chances of finding one at this location when there is thunderstorm weather.

Second is the fishing spot in the same area of Motostoke. But the chances of finding one there are as little as 5%.

The third location is Route 9.

There are 35% chances of finding one in this area regardless of whatever the weather conditions are.

The fourth location is in the Outer Spikemuth of the Route 9. There are 24% chances of finding one there in any type of weather.

The final location is the fishing spot of Giant’s Mirror. You have to fish for it and there are 35% chances of finding one there.

To catch a Mareanie you need to follow the traditional battle with the Pokemon method and catch it.

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