Pokemon Sword and Shield Lunatone Locations, How to Catch and Evolve

While there are many Pokemon you will collect and add to your party across Galar region, there are some which while may not be particularly effective in combat are still interesting to capture. Lunastone is one such example and this Pokemon Sword and Shield Lunatone Locations will tell you how to add it to your party.

Pokemon Sword and Shield Lunatone Locations

Lunatone is a Rock/Psychic-type pokemon, exclusive to Pokemon Shield. It does not appear in Pokemon Sword but if you have that version of the game, you can still trade it with someone and add it to your roster.

If you are hoping to catch a Lunatone, this Pokemon’s most common location is Route 8 and Giant’s Cap area. You also have a chance to encounter it in Max Raid Battles in Stony Wilderness and Watchtower Ruins.

The Pokemon Index states about Lunatone “The phase of moon apparently has some effect on its power. It is active on the full night of full moon. It was discovered at the site of a meteor strike 40 years ago. Its stare can lure its foes to sleep.”

Lunatone does not have any other forms, meaning it does not have an evolutionary chain.

Unfortunately, not all Pokemon evolve and Lunatone is one of them. For a complete list of all the Pokemon that can evolve check out our evolutions chart.

Lunatone has the ability to levitate thus damage-dealing ground type moves have no effect on Lunatone, can not be trapped by arena ability and takes no damage from spikes.

Lunatone is weak against Dark, Bug, Ground, Steel, Water, Grass and Ghost-type pokemon, and strong against Psychic, Fire, Poison, Flying and Normal-type pokemon.

Lunatone Stats

  • HP 70
  • Attack 55
  • Defense 65
  • Attack 95
  • Defense 85
  • Speed 70

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